Thursday, May 14, 2009

you're so good for me

Here is a photo of my mom on her Thoroughbred, Tam. I love this picture of her - although in today's world there would be many "tsk, tsks" because she doesn't have a helmet. Oh well, it is still a great photo with the white sunglasses and his tail swishing. She and I rode Sovey and Pie on Tuesday morning. Tacking up was a disaster and I wasn't too sure we were going to actually get to ride. I like to have calm grooming and tacking time to ensure a safe, happy ride. Both horses were so antsy and not cooperating in the cross-ties. Sovey is slender and his proper saddle adjustment takes a long time. Pie is young and has a very tiny attention span. Together it was like a three-ring circus! Mom and I just walked them around outside without mounting and let them calm down a little. Then, we got on and had a fabulous ride. I even asked Pie to trot! We had to catch up to Sovey at one point and the Pie-Pie was wonderful. I posted and he trotted right up beside Sovey like he does this all the time. Pie and Sovey make our days so special!


  1. Isn't it funny how one day they are calm in the barn, and the next day they are swinging their big heads around everywhere?! Just recently while tacking Lilly up a little carrot fell from the pommel bag next to her foot and I swear she jumped 6 inches off all fours straight up into the air! I wish I could read their minds!
    Love your mom's sunglasses! The picture is very Jackie O!! But back when she was Jackie Bouvier!

  2. Yesterday Mom and I were working on planting trees and she had this goofy hat on. I said that she looked funny and she responded with, "well, Colleen said that I look like Jackie O, so I am not worried!"


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