Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Pie!

Today is Pie's fourth birthday! Like all Thoroughbreds, his "official" birthday is January 1st, but he was foaled on May 7, 2005. Our birthday celebration was complete with a sunshine ride through the woods and all over the farm with best friend Sovereign. Sovey and Mom are in the photos above and below. Birthday Boy Pie-Pie only gets his ears in the photos because Mom hasn't learned how to use my camera yet. She shouldn't worry, I had the batteries in backwards and had to change them and shoot photos while we were moving. Pie was good for the whole crazy process. I wanted to get some photos in our lovely woods, but the recent rain has made the trails like a jungle. I honestly stretch out flat on the crest of Pie's neck and we still barely fit. It is time to trim - again! Fortunately, Pie and Sovey love the woods and fields so they tolerate tight bridle paths and silly humans with their cameras. After our long ride I turned to Mom and said, "Ok, let's go home." She said, "Ok," and we immediately busted out laughing in unison because we can't get the boys to go home! They never want to go back toward the barn because they love riding cross-country so much.

Mom hurt her left ankle last week and she had problems mounting today when she had to put all her weight in that stirrup. At one point, she was draped all over Sovey's back. I really thought that the birthday ride was going to be a disaster. But Sovey is so good - he just stood there waiting patiently until she got her act together. We kept laughing about it later. If I had taken a picture of her hanging all over him like that we could have won both a funny photo contest and a prize for the nicest horse on the planet!

Sweet Maizie was in school today, but last evening she baked Thoroughbred Molasses Yummies for Pie. Click here for recipe. Below is a picture of our "Treat Station" in the barn and the last photo is a close-up of Maizie's Yummies. Needless to say, Pie and Sovey loved the treats. I think Pie enjoyed his special day!


  1. That barn treat station is SO cool! Very organized and simple! :) I'm glad you enjoyed your ride and that the boys do, too. We have some trails nearby that overgrow easily, especially with giant blackberry vines! Yikes! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will check it out!

  2. We trimmed some trails last evening so hopefully it will be better! Your sweet Boy will love the treats!

  3. I am going to make those molasses cookies! I have always wanted to make horse treats! I love the story of your mom clinging to Sovey while mounting! A similiar thing happened to me--I was clinging to Lilly like a barnacle while trying to mount her bareback. I got halfway there and then was stuck! I wa praying she wouldn't move. She didn't!

  4. Colleen,
    That is so funny - clinging like a barnacle. That is exactly what my mom looked like! Lilly will love the yummy treats. She deserves them after taking all her medicine like the good Brumby that she is!


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