Monday, August 2, 2010

august and everything after

Sovereign and I had a nice ride last evening. I let him choose where we would go at the beginning and he picked a new route that took us near the turnpike with heavy traffic and loud trucks. He was calm and wonderful. I was very proud of him. After that we walked the perimeter of the farm and back through the woods. We stopped and talked to our apple barstool friends where he gobbled two juicy apples. I took him to the spot where he jumped around and lost my mom the night before. He didn't have any problems there. Then we stopped at my mom's house where she and Maizie were playing Scrabble. Maizie came out and fed Sovey carrots while my mom talked to us from the deck. She is still stiff, but doing amazingly well. She is fairly fit and athletic and heals quickly. I grazed Sovey under his beloved apple tree when we returned to the barn.

The leaves of his favorite apple tree are in the photo above. This picture is from our auction last Monday and I love it because you can see our auctioneer on the barn bridge and Maizie in the shadows below looking up at him. Most kids age 11 ask to go to Hersheypark. Our Maizie wanted to have an auction so this was her gig. She helped prepare the items and she held up the smaller items on the auction block under the tent. She loves to observe the personalities of different people. The auctioneer and his helpers, not to mention all the auction goers, were all under her watchful gaze.

You can see Pie and Sovereign in the background of this photo. They loved the auction too. (Especially when errant children came into the pasture to feed them grass! Luckily, my mom spied the kids and got them out of there!)

Neither horse raced around or did anything out of the usual. I actually was able to ride them right around the auction items before and after the "big show". The tent and the port-a-potty were scary to them, but they really didn't act goofy, just cautious. I rode Pie bareback the night after the auction and a huge truck came through the grass to pick up larger items. Pie went right up to the truck and we talked to the driver for a few minutes. Amazing horse.


  1. Glad your mom is feeling a bit better!

    Gosh, sorry to hear your mom came floating off Sovey man! Darn...I hate those wake up falls. My confidence was shaken(as you know) when I came off my borrowed mount...even for getting on my own again!

    By the by, that horse and another were lost for 6 days last week. They went camping and the guide actually had them dismount in a ravine he had gotten them into...then had them take the reins off and"send the horses" up the steep hill without them on...they ran away!!! UM...I have a word for those that don't have a clue or bond with the horse they send off and away..."Hold Your Horses!" At least I practice stuff like sending my mare ahead..and following by having her pull me with her tail!

    Mazie girl sounds like a natural, with a keen eye for personalities...she is going to spout some really amazing discoveries sometime...about her discoveries in folks and their behaviors.She is becoming Savvy and aware( of what...we shall see!) "~'
    Nice sounding Pie and all your horsey loving apple/carrot/ friends!

    Love you sweet!

  3. I'm so glad your mom is tough enough to handle a fall off a horse! She must be SUPERLADY. I'm afraid my husband was one of those Pennsylvaia kids who was always off to Hershey Park! The funny thing is, he would go TOMORROW if I seriously suggested it!!!

  4. Good to hear your mom is doing well, despite the expected stiffness. Glad you and Maizie and horses all enjoyed the auction. Sounds like a fun time.


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