Thursday, August 26, 2010

In platform double suede

It is true and very sad. We said goodbye to summer. Maizie started sixth grade on Wednesday. Her bus picked her up at an unspeakable hour, but she is very happy in her middle school with her new teachers and new friends.

I comforted myself with my two friends, Sovereign and Pie. The wild mane photo, above, is of Pie this morning when a wind gust sent his mane flying in the air up and over to the wrong side!

Here we are in a shadow.
Yesterday I rode Sovey around the farm and through the woods. I used the bitless bridle without any sore spots. Our paths in the woods need to be made wider. They grow shut with rose and raspberry vines that are sharp and pokey. I haven't ridden back there for a few weeks and I spent the entire time yesterday apologizing to dear Sovey boy. He was so sweet to plow forward anyway. After our barstool apples, we turned onto the trail with the neighbor with the "Golf Tent". This neighbor added a frisbee golf stand beside the golf tent and also a tarp to their lawn since last ride and Sovey was not pleased and there was no Pie to go first. Sovey tried to wheel around to go back to the barn, but I turned him back around to face the new ornaments. He snorted and backed up. I dismounted and walked him by the scary stuff. I walked to my mom's bench in the woods and got back on easily. Then, we circled around and approached the scary yard again. This time my sweet Sovey boy walked by perfectly!!! Hooray! Back home for well-deserved grass and appletree apples.

Today was Pie's turn to head out. His rear leg is still sliced up but the swelling is gone and he is sound at the walk. I did not trot him at all today. We walked around the perimeter of the farm. The hayfield was deep when we rode (I cut trails through it later) and Pie was very good about not sneaking grass. This is tough for him because the yummy grass is mouth-level. At the barstool, there were no apples because Sovey had gobbled them yesterday. I remembered that there is another apple tree far out there near the barstool. I dismounted and walked Pie over to it. He was so surprised! He never knew there was an apple tree out there for his enjoyment! I put my stirrup to the lowest position and grabbed his mane to hoist myself up. I was able to adjust the stirrup when he was finishing up his snack. Our temperatures are so much cooler and we finally have low humidity, so my sunshine-y rides both days were very special.

Who is this grazing one fat Pie-Pie boy today? Could that be my mom, returning to the horse world after 3 1/2 weeks of recovery? Yes, it is true. Mom is slowly being lured back into the world of Pie and Sovereign. And, who can blame her? The cuteness of these two puppies is too much to ignore.
We've been having fun lately coming up with new and exciting ways to keep my mom safe. Our dear cousin, Glenda, sent mom this link to a New York Times article about a vest that inflates like an airbag when you get separated from your saddle. I can't help giggling picturing my mom walking around like a marshmallow when she forgets to unhook the cord and dismounts on purpose at the end of our ride! Glenda's entire emailed cracked me up - I couldn't stop laughing because she mentions the idea of us getting a Haflinger for mom. (Glenda - I hope you don't mind if I print a portion of this email - it really is too funny to miss!) Glenda writes: This article is so cool. Maybe you can ride Sovey boy again -- with this kind of protection.
Or, you'll have to get yourself one of those little short "half thinger" horses. :-) ---- Glenda

Half thinger!!!! And, on the trail ride last October, my mom told me she was riding a "half Thoroughbred" - I can't stand it - even now I am laughing! Not only are Haflingers the most adorable little guys around, but their breed name is so cute and funny (in our circle, anyway!).

Mom is probably going to stick to her Sovereign boy with or without a parachute/vest/airbag. During the years that we didn't have horses my mom and I promised each other that we would not get Thoroughbreds. We wanted nice, calm, sensible horses. When the time came, we caved in and admitted that we both have a weakness for TBs. Amazingly, we actually got everything we wished for - nice, calm, sensible horses - that just happened to be Thoroughbreds too!
Here is a Sovey boy gobbling more apples this morning.


  1. aww, the patience seems to bring out the calmness in our TB babies, doesn't it!? :)
    Love your pictures..they are so dreamy. I'm growing out Laz's mohawk for but it'll protect him more during the winter wind. I'm seriously blue about summer leaving us....Fall winds bring out spicy pony behavior!

  2. Ahh I wish I had an apple tree for my horses. What a treat.


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