Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A new day, a new way, I knew I should see it along...

Amazing ride today on Sovereign. I had vowed not to go to the barn at all. Overhead-powerline-men were there on Tuesday gleefully, aggressively cutting down trees. Ugh. After last spring's assault on our woods from the pipeline people, I could not take the sound of chainsaws and decided to spare myself the anguish altogether today.

But mom told me at noon that the coast was clear - they had finished. The day was warm (65 degrees!) and gorgeous and rain is eminent so I quickly dropped everything and rushed to the barn. Sovereign was the very boy to lift my spirits with a brilliant yellow-leafed bareback ramble that went on forever. 

Mom walked along and we three had great fun. We (the humans) had a tough week at Honeysuckle Faire so we needed fun!

C,S,N,Y was singing "Carry On" in the car on the way to ride. Would our horses bring us happiness? Yes!!!!

Sovey and I hide our feet in the deep leaf carpet after our ride. While we were out on the trail my mom told me a hysterical story of a recent adventure she had and we laughed full belly laughs till we cried. Much needed! Fresh air, horses, golden leaves - that is all it takes to make it all go right. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful day for a ride. Gorgeous scenery and lots of laughs with a horse along for the ride makes everything seem better I'll bet.

  2. Sounds very therapeutic... How fortunate you are to share a passion for horses with your mother. :D

  3. Such lovely pictures! Such a lovely ride! There is nothing like being around a horse to calm the spirit and the senses. That may sound new agey, but it is the truth! What was the hilarious story I wonder! I can imagine you and your mum laughing and laughing!! Just thinking about makes me laugh!! Love the two legs!!! Bah!!!

    1. Hey you! I think I put that photo of our legs in for you - I knew you would love it - you probably already did that with Lilly once and I've forgotten now. Also, about the story - I debated for a long time about sharing it on the blog, but I think it might be a little off-color. I will email you :)

  4. Horses are always good for the soul--when I'm troubled, worried, or depressed, I go and hug my Harley. Hope all is well.

  5. A good belly great!!! My sister and I get into laughing fits and basically crumble to the ground lifeless. We call it laughter paralysis and it leaves us limp and tingly, :)


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