Monday, November 4, 2013

la la la

This morning the leaves are falling like snowflakes - yellow and red and gold. Yesterday morning Foggy took me out on a typically fabulous ride. He is a sweet boy who never cares if I am using the camera. I drop the reins and fiddle away with the video. If you click the photo above you can see a small clip of our ride.

November has been as lovely as October. We've been saying around our house lately, "Shout out to God!" Who could complain? The scenery is just magnificent.

Here's some brotherly love last evening in the pastures. Click photo for more.


  1. Just beautiful. You certainly have lovely horses who look so happy all the time. Liked the videos too.

    So far so good for November. It would be nice if it stayed like this for a while.

  2. Awww--all the guys look so good. Beautiful fall ride, and so colorful still! Our trees are nearly bare now. When the wind blows, it sounds like winter. Today I could have used the Carhartts on our chilly evening ride.


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