Friday, November 15, 2013

Any way the wind blows

Three little pigs. Well, just one really. Poor Pie got a new girth in the mail today because his former one, size 54" was, ahem, a bit snug. Oh no. I hardly ever use a saddle with him, but with winter approaching I thought it might be smart to get one that fits his adorable roundness.

The last three days have been spent riding around the farm and buildings while workers ripped down and re-roofed a house on the property. I am so proud and happy to report that everyone kept their heads and my rides have been effortless throughout the loud nail guns, metal ladders, and blaring radios. 

The first day a roofer wanted to discuss shingle color with me. I was grazing Foggy after our ride and the man waved his arms and motioned for me to come over where he had samples assembled on the driveway. Foggy in tow, we trudged through deep, crunchy leaves, then across the tennis court and finally through ladders beside a loud compressor to the shingle area. Foggy walked with me on a loose lead, like he is a human companion or a well-behaved dog, never hesitating a second. As the man described the options, Foggy followed his arm gestures and listened intently as if he, too, was taking it all in. The roofer would occasionally bend down and point to specific shingles and Foggy would get in closer with his eyes and nose to study the shingle sample in question. The combined nonchalance of the man and Foggy was really quite poignant. Neither acted as if the other's presence was unusual in any way. 

I guess I don't get out much. Maybe horses are always part of daily conversations. Oh, I am just crazy in love with my boys! They are unbelievably sensible - and cute too.

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  1. Love the picture!

    Very cute the way he was helping you decide on the shingles. I think they do understand a lot more than we give them credit for.


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