Wednesday, November 20, 2013

But a different world to sing upon

Little Foggy took me out through the fields today. It was chilly but clear and he was perfect as usual. 

If you click the photo above, you can see a quick video of us riding from our farm over to a neighbor's field.

He is so tiny compared to the other boys. When I dismount, I forget how short he is and I expect to keep falling and then I hit the ground so soon!

He's my sweet little boy who allowed me to pick the burrs out of his ear before our ride! Hooray!


  1. Yay! I can see his fuzziness in the top photos, very cute.

  2. He is a gooood boy! I love the fuzzy winter ponies... until the hairs start detaching that is. Thanks for sharing the ride. Getting mine vicariously these days. ;D

  3. He's very sweet. Thanks for showing us your ride.

  4. I really, really look forward to your updates... what a lovely ride... Really curious about how different the personalities of Pie, Sovey and Foggy are from one another... hehehe... tell us more, please.


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