Saturday, June 27, 2009

everything promised is delivered to you

Early this morning Pie and Sovereign got to investigate their new shed for the first time. They were so funny! (click any of these photos to enlarge)

They reminded me of two kids in a brand new "clubhouse". They could not get enough of it! They smelled every single inch of the shed - more like dogs than horses.

They have large, lovely stalls in a cool bank barn and lush pastures, but this new space must be exciting...

...they played in and around the shelter all morning!

What funny boys they are!
Mom and I rode through the woods and all over the farm on Thursday morning. My neighbor that leaves the apple on the fence post also put a barstool in a shrub for me! That way, if there is a difficulty with the apples, I can dismount even if I am bareback and mount again. Isn't that great? I ended up trying it out on Thursday and it worked perfectly. Pie and Sovey enjoyed munching their apples and I was able to get back on after "assisting" in the apple distribution. Today we had a yard sale in the driveway at the farm so no riding. It was the most beautiful morning and I was cranky because I really wanted to ride. I am glad, though, that the boys had fun with their new shed. Tonight is the Art of the State opening at the State Museum, so no riding again this evening. I know I am not the only one who misses riding on these days. One day recently, when Mom had just returned to our normal riding schedule after the illness we all had, she and I were bringing the horses in. She was leading Sovereign and he started nuzzling her all over the back of her head and shoulders. She was messing around with the gate and didn't realize what he was doing. It was like he had missed her and was saying, "Hi friend, where have you been? Let's go riding!" I don't know why, but Sovey reminds me of the cutest, most innocent bunny rabbit ever.


  1. Love the pictures of them playing with the shed!

  2. Look at those little curious guys peeking all over the shed. And it is such a nice looking shed too. It's the perfect structure really--wind protection, sun protection, rain protection, but they can be in there and still see everything going on around them.
    I hope the museum show was good!

  3. Congratulations! What a very cool addition and such a terrific testament to how much you care for *and* enjoy caring for your two friends.

  4. The new shed is so cute! The horses really enjoyed it! Such cuties!

  5. Nice shed!! I want a new one now.......

  6. Great new shed, how funny the horses were in and out of it! Kind of like people with a new car or house, eh? That is so sweet the farmer leaves you an apple.
    How'd your yard sale fare? I did one with my cousin last week, made $75...then went and spent it on more stuff, LOL!


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