Monday, June 8, 2009

philosophy is the talk on a cereal box

Here is a photo I took this evening of our garden. I planted this garden when Maizie was tiny and we were in the "in between years" without horses. Now that we are fostering Pie and Sovereign, my poor garden is very weedy - (I took the photo from far away - trust me - VERY weedy!). Below is a photo I took tonight of the unused hammock. I have a fabulous book that I would love to read in this hammock, but I can't seem to find the time! This is my first post in a week - the longest I have ever gone without blogging. (To be fair, I think that I might have just liked that picture of Brian loving up Sovey so much that I didn't want to bump it off with a new post!)
Still, I have been thinking about time and where it goes. Life is so fun and wonderful and it goes so fast anyway, but with horses in the picture - forget it - it flies by! In one week, Maizie finished school for the year so there were tons of activities for her and me, the room mother. It poured rain for a couple of days, so Pie and Sovey were mudballs and then, inside boys. Next, the sun came out with extra gnats and mosquitoes so Pie and Sovey were getting eaten alive. I tried to maintain a "normal" schedule with them, but I only got to ride Pie one evening. I was feeling very frustrated and then I started to read the posts of all my favorite blogging friends and I realized that with horses in our lives, it just is an amazing, unpredictable roller coaster ride! It never goes exactly like we planned. It seems like all of us wrestle with "regular" life and finding time to fit in our necessary "horse time". I am wondering about Summer, the season, as being the real culprit behind my current rushed feeling at the barn. The honeysuckle is so pungent and the days are long and I feel like I have to rush because if I don't I might miss something! I have to ride tonight because the trails are lovely now, I have to groom multiple times because the boys are so itchy, I have to cut the grass because it rained so much and it is a jungle, I have to plant the trees because the ground will get too hard later, I have to play tennis, I have to run, I have to picnic, I have to...I have to...whew! It is all Summer's fault!


  1. Summer, although the days are longer, seems shorter because it's filled with so much life and activity!

  2. I never realized how busy I'd be, now that I am unemployed. I thought I might start to get bored. No way! I barely have time in a day to do everything I need and want to get done!
    I bet it wouldn't feel that way if it was winter. I wouldn't be outside doing all the stuff I can do now.
    Days are flying by. Hope you get to have some more horsey time real soon!

  3. Paint Girl and Kate!

    You are two of the blogs I was talking about. Paint Girl - as soon as you were unemployed you became ultra busy. That is how it was for me. I gave my class their final exam in May and instead of being "free" I got busier!

    Kate - I sooooo empathized with your post about what to do. Time, farm ownership vs. boarding, proper horse care, everything - I know exactly what you mean, but I have no solutions!

  4. Julie, the secret is there's never enough time for most of us between ages 35 and 55.

    Weed out your life instead of your gardens? Focus on priorities? Lower your expectations? I know you're grateful. Your life spills over with such abundance. Family, horses, talents, passions. Make a mantra of "I am grateful" for when moments seem overwhelming!

    You will need to find your own best ways. Save yourself time in which to think. Take deep breathes! Love, Glenda

  5. Glenda! Thanks! I needed that so much!
    Much love,

  6. Yep, lack of time is a common complaint of most everyone I know. Horses add to the stress of too much to do. They are one of those good stressors, but stress nonetheless. And yes, summer means more busy outdoor activities. Your hammock looks very inviting.

  7. Once Upon an Equine

    I love how you say "BH" for "Before Horses". Everything seemed easier...and not as special...BH!

  8. What I love too about blogs is that they really show how we all have this life and then we have managed, with joy, to incorporate horses into them. And so in some small way, even though the blogs are about horses, they are also about the pairing of ourselves with them in spite of all these other pressing needs/events/etc!! And it is terrific to see how other people are doing it!
    Thanks for such a lovely peek into your garden. i didn't see any weeds in there!!

    And what then, is a smile on a dog? (hee hee)

  9. Religion Colleen! Hooray - I just love lyrics - they are so dead on sometimes!


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