Tuesday, June 2, 2009

people smile and tell me I'm the lucky one

Pie and Sovereign live on the farm "Honeysuckle Faire" with my parents. Brian, my husband, and Maizie, our daughter, and I live 3 miles away in the adorable little Nutmeg Cottage that Brian restored to look like a quaint English cottage for us! I drive over to see the horses a zillion times a day, but Brian and Maizie don't always get as much horse time as they require. Fortunately, we are all equally crazy in love with animals! Last evening we all came over to groove about and enjoy the sweeties. Above is a photo of Brian bonding with Sovereign.

Here we are riding the boys. (Maizie was our photographer last evening.) Somewhere along the line in our 11 years of marriage I convinced Brian to take riding lessons. He did very well! He learned to walk, trot (posting too), and canter. He had a nice seat and soft hands. I ride Pie and Sovereign almost entirely with my seat and legs, and of course they don't have bits in their mouths, so it was a little tricky for Brian last evening. Sovereign took care of him, like I knew he would.
Our whole ride was perfumed with the fragrant honeysuckle. Maizie got a close-up shot of some.

We walked in the pastures. Next time, we might venture out onto the bridle paths. Pie and Sovereign were the very best of boys! I love them so! Maizie was a helpful horse assistant and talented photographer. She patiently waited while Mommy and Daddy rode. Brian is the calmest, kindest man in the whole world. Sovereign sensed this and was very good to him. We had a lovely evening ride! Oh, what joy!


  1. Oh, don't you just love evening rides..........(sigh). So, I am curious about the bitless bridles. Do the OTTTBs do well in them? I only use snaffles on my horses, but the bitless bridles interest me. I have seen them advertised alot through CHA. Could you tell me more?

  2. What a lovely ride! And how nice that your husband is interested in horses and even rides too!

  3. My compliments to the photographer! She did a great job. How nice to have a whole family that enjoys horses and wants to ride together. Sigh....

  4. Isn't it great that our men show an interest in horses? I loved it when my other half told me he wanted a horse a few years ago! He took some lessons from my trainer, but he hates riding in the arena, it's too boring for him. But he loves to go trail riding!
    Looks like you guys had so much fun, and Maizie is a great photographer!

  5. Hosanna - I am going to feature the Bitless Bridle in a post soon. I'll email you info too!

    Kate - Thanks - glad you daughter got home safely!

    Once Upon an Equine - Maizie is our little shutterbug - I can't wait until she is riding with us!

    Paint Girl - I love the stories about your OH trail riding. He is the best - especially the tire-fixing fiasco!

  6. Maizie is an excellent photographer! It is always fun to see people's family members on blogs! I guess that means I am nosey! The horses look so gorgeous. I love their long legs!

  7. I'm so glad you had a nice ride...must have been great smelling that honeysuckle, too! How exciting that you got Brian to take lessons and ride...he looks great! I hope that if I can't find a cowboy, I at least find someone who will try riding!

  8. Pony Girl - You'll find your cowboy! He'll just show up one day when you least expect it! Then, off in the sunset you two will go!


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