Thursday, June 25, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Paint Girl from Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm gave me this Honest Scrap Award! Thank you Paint Girl! Paint Girl lives with a lively and lovely collection of sweet animals including two horses, dogs, kitties, goats...deer! She and her OH (other half) ride gorgeous horses on gorgeous trails in the Northwest "rain forest".

The Honest Scrap Award requires that I tell my readers 10 things about me that they might not know. I also must give the award to 10 people and let them know that they have won the award. Also, you must link back to the person who gave you the award. Thanks again, Paint Girl!

Not sure what you all don't know about me. I prattle on so...I can't believe I have ever left anything out! Hmm...let me see...

1. I am addicted to unsweetened Blueberry Iced Tea with fresh lemon. I make a huge jug of it every morning and carry it around in this stupid (slightly dirty) construction worker-looking blue thermos. I used to be addicted to Coke in the glass bottles, so actually, this is an improvement.

2. I am obsessed with showering in hot water. I love day hiking, but I wouldn't be such a great long distance hiker because I need hot showers frequently. In spite of this, my mother says I always look dirty (thanks Mom!).

3. I really like harder rock music. Not metal, but heavy on the guitar. Sometimes this can be embarrassing.

4. This is a little deep, but I spend a lot of time wondering if I am in heaven already. This started when I was fairly young. Life has been magical - I am not sure I would want something different in the next go-round.

5. I have a photographic memory for dates and numbers. I remember every person's birthday and phone number that I ever learned. When I flip the page-a-day calendar each day I see a date and I immediately picture the person I know with that birthday. It is really weird like Rain Man or something. I once told a girl at my class reunion, that I had this memory. She asked me if I remembered her birthday from when we were friends in 3rd grade. I said, "yes, it is January 6th." She slowly moved away from me!

6. I don't like tack. I ride bareback as often as I can and I use a bitless bridle, but really I wish I could ride with nothing. I am not sure if it will ever work out for me, but that is a crazy goal I dream about.

7. I say a silent little prayer every time I see any kind of animal killed on the road. Around here, sadly, that is often. I don't look at the animal so I am probably saying prayers for shoes, tire treads, trash, etc.

8. I am afraid to fly. I do fly and I never say anything about it while I am flying, but I hate every second of it. I especially get annoyed when everyone else looks so calm. It is like they think they are on a bus and that "bump" was a pothole. It is life and death, People! I have actually taken flying lessons and flew a plane, but it still scares me.

9. When I was in college I had the unbelievable opportunity to hang out with Jimmy Page for a whole week and I am not a groupie. At one point he rode in my car and I wouldn't let him smoke! I was 20 years old and so goofy!

10. Brian and I were married on the last Friday in October at 7:45pm. Our dear little Maizie was born one year later on the last Friday in October at 7:45pm. I think that is so cool!

Well, that is my list. It reads like I am a weirdo.

Here is the list of people I pick for the Honest Scrap Award:

1. Bay State Brumby (just enjoy - don't do twice!)
2. A Year With Horses (just enjoy - don't do twice!)
6. Pony Girl Rides Again (just enjoy - don't do if you are tired of everyone picking you!)
7. Mustang Diaries (I'm sure you already won this - just enjoy - don't do again)
10. Print and Pattern (surely won a zillion times already!)


  1. I say those silent prayers too! I used to say GREAT BLUE SKY ACCEPT THIS CREATURE. Other times I imagine a bright white light for the fallen. And lately, I imagine the animal itself running as fast as it can to the biggest and greenest field you've ever seen where his friends are waiting. I have been moved to tears by seeing what I think is roadkill up ahead only to realize (after actually crying) it is just an old coat or shoe (just like you said) and then I feel REALLY DUMB crying for an inanimate object! Oh well.
    Jimmy Page and flying lessons! You are so cool.
    And you're right--this is heaven right here. Hey! Didn't Mephistopholes say that?

  2. Thanks Juliette! I will get crackin' on my honest scrap list in the next few days. How fun!

    I enjoyed reading 10 things about you. Not weird at all, but very interesting and fun. #10 is amazing; dates and numbers are really in sync with you.

    Thanks again for passing this to me. I look forward to posting and passing it a long.

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet words about me!
    You are not a weirdo! That is what is so cool about this list, you can really get to know someone! Like you, I am terrified of flying! I have actually only flown 4 times. I have to take anxiety meds when flying. Otherwise I might have a full on anxiety attack!
    That is pretty cool you can remember numbers like that. I use to be pretty good, not so much anymore!

  4. That is such a fun list! I love reading these. I love your paragraph about true, why are the others so calm? Please! Or maybe they are just trying to look calm and normal and are freakin' out on the inside, like me! :)
    I think it is sweet you say a little prayer for the roadkill!
    I will work on my post this weekend!

  5. Thanks for including my blog, even though it is only a few months old! I never won an award like this before! Cool! So, what do I do now? Am I supposed to pass along? THanks!

  6. Colleen, Once Upon an Equine, Paint and Pony Girls - Thanks for the comments - you all made me feel less awkward about this post. It really was fun to do and it is great to learn about your fellow bloggers!

  7. Thanks! It's fun to learn more about our fellow bloggers - and none of what you said is weird at all - it's just you! (I'm a member of the Million Mile flyer group on American Airlines - and I hate flying too - thankfully I rarely have to do it now!)


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