Saturday, August 8, 2009

ask me why another road song

A crazy fun impromptu road trip popped up on Tuesday of this past week. Brian had to personally deliver one of his lovely tables to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Maizie and I decided to join him. This meant that I had to leave Pie and Sovereign behind with Mom at the helm. She is certainly able, but I still worried about her being alone. Fortunately, everything went very well! We have been having the most amazing rides on the boys recently (stories and pictures soon). I rode Pie way past the cemetery into town because he doesn't want to go short anymore. I also have been riding Sovey bareback. And Mom and I have been riding the boys together through the woods in the cool mornings. To leave was bittersweet, but I knew Pie and Sovereign would take good care of Mom. They are so loving and funny! We checked in via cell phone and she had many stories about the boys and their antics.
So where did we end up? Walton's Mountain!!! Brian and I grew up watching the television show and now we watch the DVDs with Maizie. When Brian realized we had to go to Charlotte, he mapped out a side trip to Schuyler, Virginia. This town, pronounced "Skyler" is the childhood home of Earl Hamner, the creator of The Waltons, and the setting for his stories and the show. There is a Walton's Mountain Museum in Schuyler, complete with Ike Godsey's Store. Below, Brian and Maizie stand in front of Earl Hamner's boyhood home.
Below I am in the post office with Ike and Cora Beth Godsey!

You never know what you will see in the foothills of Virginia. Here is a photo of a private residence in the shape of a teapot. To the right you can barely see the wooden black handle! Too funny!

Noodlebug was also left behind when we went on our trip. Dear Winnie and Ralph, our neighbors, took wonderful care of her. You can see, below, how worried she was about us!


  1. Oh wow, Juliette! You were right in my backyard...My brother lives in Charlotte! And I am in central Virginia; about three miles from NC where I grew up. I have never been to Walton's Mt. before. Sounds fun! I miss my horses too when I am away. I spend the whole time thinking about coming home!!!:)

  2. What a wonderful trip and that is so neat you got to go to the Walton's!! LOL!
    Good to hear that the horses and kitty were in good hands while you were away!

  3. Hosanna - I thought we might be close to you!

  4. Virginia has some interesting sights, I'd say. I didn't know Walton's Mountain was a real place. I remember the show well. I'm sure Noodlebug was anxiously awaiting your return in her own feline way. Ha. Love the name Noodlebug.


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