Thursday, August 27, 2009

collect my books and get on back to school

Maizie's first day of fifth grade was yesterday. Here she is waiting for the bus looking so tall and grown-up. I do believe that time is the hardest thing to endure as a parent. My own aging hasn't bothered me because I am demented. I always forget that I am not 18. Seriously, unless I am looking in the mirror and see my strands of gray hair, I feel like I am young. Watching Maizie grow, though, is an entirely different kettle of fish. It is so difficult. She has been fun at each age and yet each age is over so quick. I am a person who tries to be "present" and pay attention to every little detail, yet her very being seems so ephemeral to me. It reminds me of a sunset. Every minute is glorious and ending at the same time. So off she went, yesterday, leaving Brian and I behind.
Of course, I comforted myself in the only way I know - I went for a great ride on Pie with Mom on Sovereign. We went on all our favorite trails in the sunshine and woods. Pie always leads the way and Sovey follows behind like a rental pony. Yesterday, though, Mom and Sovey went first for part of the way, and, oh boy, did those sweeties change personalities!!! Sovereign was suddenly alert, cautiously looking at every shadow and sunshine patch with his ears forward and his neck tucked in and round like a big dressage boy. Pie was asleep and lazily bringing up the rear. How different this is!!! Usually, Pie acts like he is the "leader" - double-checking the safety factor in all directions. I really got to relax on the chubby boy. I was bareback and I felt like I was on a school horse! It is funny how their natural instincts kick in. Apparently, without missing a beat, even little babies like Pie and Sovereign understand the unwritten law in the horse etiquette book that the lead horse is the sentry and the second horse can take a little nap!
I won't be napping today. One of my Humanities classes started on Tuesday, so my afternoons are filled lecturing about art. Today is the "Spotted Horses" discussion about the paintings in the caves at Pech Merle so that isn't too bad! Maybe I'll sneak in a ride this morning too. I told my students that I may smell "horsey" occasionally!
Speaking of school, I was looking again at my first grade picture. I think we got two new students!


  1. I know what you mean about the kids - my youngest left this morning for her first year at college - big change for us.

  2. Oh, Kate...that is hard. Happy, exciting, and yet, bittersweet all at the same time! Dawn will be your bond. Her idiosyncracies will keep you diverted!

  3. What a sweet post. I don't have children yet; but when I do, I will remember to enjoy them like a sunset.... treasuring every passing beautiful second.

  4. I can't believe it's back to school already! Maizie looks adorable with her new back pack! :) I've been setting up my classroom for the past week. We don't start until after labor day.
    When we trail ride, we always mix up the order so all of the horses experience the lead/follow position. It's so good for them! And you do realize how comfortable they get when they follow and don't have to be on alert! My Boy is so cute when he's in front, his little ears are just perked forward the whole time, looking for monsters! He leads well, actually. ;)
    I LOVE the school picture, hee hee, too cute!

  5. Hosanna - You do have "children" - all your OTTB's!

    Pony Girl - You are lucky to start after Labor Day. What is the rush here in PA? The east coast is so hurried. Your Boy is so cute anywhere! He is a spotted lovebug! I wonder if anyone else noticed the school picture.

  6. I did notice the school picture, but almost didn't! That is way too cute!!
    Maizie is looking all grown up! She looks so cute dressed for school, oh, the memories of childhood!
    It is funny how the lead horse always changes once they are in the lead!! High alert! Cracks me up sometimes.

  7. Yeah, I noticed the school picture too! Very cute. I know what you mean about time flying by...I swear it was just yesterday that my sister had her first baby and now he's walking (no, running) and talking up a storm! I guess that's what they say about getting older and years coming faster.....
    Oh and by the way, I'm definitely NOT in Arizona!! Ha ha...pretty much the opposite - Orlando FL. Land of the Mouse. Not too far at all from St. Pete.

  8. Michelle - Orlando isn't far. I graduated from USF in 1989 so I was fairly close in Tampa.

  9. Hah!! I love the first grade class. Looks like there are two adorable students in the mix!
    I too can't beleive school is starting all over again! I think fifth grade will be awesome for Maizie. That is when kids really start to get interesting!


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