Wednesday, August 12, 2009

where have all Pie-Pie's apples gone?

Lately, Mr. Pie has been most annoyed! Every time we make our way out to his favorite apple snack station, the barstool, there are no apples!!! The barstool is happily placed in Pie's view, and even is sporting an adorable white "Apple" sticker on one leg, but there are no apples! At first, I thought our dear friend had run out of the money needed to support Pie's gluttonous apple habit. Apples are expensive and we have been decidedly spoiled all summer by the generosity of this kind neighbor. But, economics aside, it just didn't make sense because each day the barstool is upright in the field even though, on more than one occasion, Pie has shoved it over in frustration.
Influenced by the fact that Maizie has taken it upon herself to read all the original Nancy Drew books this summer, I attempted a little sleuthing of my own. To be perfectly honest, just like Nancy would be, I didn't even get to sleuth one bit because the thieves just appeared in front of me one evening. I have been turning the boys out at night because our daytime temperatures have been in the mid 90's. I was walking Sovereign out to the pasture and I heard a soft "giggling" sound coming from the hayfield. It was early evening and the sky was full of pink cotton candy clouds. There, in the middle of the field, was a Mommy Deer and her two babies all frolicking around. Pie and Sovey stood still as "whispering statues" and we all three watched in delight as the other three performed for us. The deer did not seem frightened in the least. As I watched, enjoying their lovely dance, a light bulb went on over my head - OH! YOU ARE THE APPLE THIEVES! Carson Drew would be very proud. And Pie is Bess (pleasingly plump) and Sovey is George (tomboy)!!! (Only Nancy Drew-ers will understand!) And..."J" worries if you have run out of apple money!!!!


  1. Cute post! I LOVED Nancy Drew when I was a young girl! I am sorry that the apple thieves showed up....but I bet they are so cute, it's probably hard to be mad at them! I guess you just have to beat them to the punch next time! :)

  2. We have deer in our paddocks, too. I love the fawns, they're so cute. Maybe Pie will not mind sharing a few apples with the deer.

  3. Julie, you took me back fifty years. Bobbsie Twins, Winnie the Pooh, and then of course Nancy Drew. Those of us with brothers had source for Hardy Boys too.

    Your artwork and your writing are absolutely enchanting. Love, Glenda

  4. Glenda! Thanks - you and your family are enchanting! I am still trying to put together our "Summer Jam" picnic - horses, trails, tennis, etc. I'll be in touch!

    Hosanna - Pie is learning to share!

    Pony Girl - I loved Nancy Drew too! The apple thieves are cute! Hope you are having fun at your Stampede

  5. Mystery solved. You are a good detective. Cute artwork and great story. But poor pie. How will he ever get his apple treat again with those apple snatchers in the area?

  6. Update - We have been lucky this week and Pie and Sovey have been first to the barstool! Hooray! Yummy apples for the sweet boys!

  7. Don't you love figuring out a mystery! Thank GAWD for Nany Drew--I was so tickled to see her on your blog! Riding a horse no less!!! I think reading every Nancy Drew book in one summer is an excellent idea--although quite the task since there are so many!!!!
    As for the apples--it is always lovely to share the wealth!


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