Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sovereign's miracle

Sovereign is such a good horse. He is sensible under saddle and has helped Pie find the courage to be sensible too. Unfortunately, he is not a joy to groom because he is very thinned skinned and obviously has had some past trauma in the grooming department. I look at this one area of his personality as a small price to pay for such a trusty mount. I am certain that in time I will learn how to groom him so that I don't tickle him and cause him to act silly. He is getting better, but it is no secret that Sovereign would prefer a nice water bath any day of the week than a curry comb getting anywhere near him. He loves water. 
We have a low oval water trough that he steps into and plays in every single time he is turned out. (Thankfully, we have other water buckets around that he stays out of and keeps clean for he and Pie to get a fresh drink.) I scrub the buckets each day and refill them and then stand there in horror as Sovey splashes and muddies up the tub again. Often times while Mom and I watch him doing this for the 100th time, our anger dissipating as we see his obvious glee about being in water, we talk about how we should put in a pool for him. Many racehorses swim at the track in horse pools and Sovereign must have loved that from his racing days. "If only we had a stream on our property," I muse. Mom reminds me that the old maps show a tiny creek called "Cedar Run" ambling through our land, but we have never seen any water. We are plagued by sinkholes, telltale signs of underground springs and caverns, but no stream above. I have looked out on our hayfield probably a million times since Sovey arrived wishing for a pond or stream for him.
Well, last week, Sovereign's "stream" magically appeared!!! I can't believe this actually happened, but it did. I turn the boys out at night, often when it is pitch black so that the mosquitoes are done with their madness. I arrived after a particularly heavy downpour and I saw something reflecting in our long pasture. I really didn't think much of it and brought Pie out of the barn. It is so dark away from our barn lights that taking out horses is a bit like riding Space Mountain. If someone bolts or jumps there is no way to anticipate anything. I opened the gate and realized that what I saw reflecting was actually a wide stream. It started outside of the pasture and ran right through the middle into the hayfield! I walked Pie down to it and as our eyes adjusted, he carefully put one foot in. He liked the water and plodded in with his other feet. I followed and couldn't believe that it was as high as my tall Wellies! Oh, Sovereign was going to love this!!! I walked Pie through to the other side so I knew he was safe and I ran in to get the Sovey Boy. Sovereign was SO HAPPY that night!!! I phoned Mom on my cell and she hurried over. Together we watched the two boys jump and splash and race and play in their temporary stream. There was lightning in the far distance that would softly light up the scene. It looked like two wild horses playing in a tumbling brook somewhere in England. I can't believe that really happened. It made all the rain we've endured this summer completely worth it!


  1. Oh, I would have loved to have seen those two playing in that stream.

  2. Mary Jo has a friend who lives in Adams County. He and his daddy are well drillers. So I'm wondering if he could be helpful in "finding" underground water for you; determine if there is a permanent stream laying there under surface? I'll ask Adam next time he's over. Love, Glenda

  3. Sounds like Sovey has a love of water! I love how he splashes in his water trough, now that is something you don't see everyday! That is so neat they got a stream of their very own!

  4. How cute!! Like something in a movie, perhaps....

  5. My horse loves water too! She has never been afraid to splash around in it! I love that about her!
    I think it is cute that Sovey is so ticklish, but if there's some past trauma there, that breaks my heart! Who could be mean to an animal? let's hope it wasn't an intentional trauma! Poor little thoroughbred!!!
    I wonder if Sovey would like his forelock braided so he could have curls like maizie and Lilly! hee hee!!

  6. baystatebrumby - I meant like an injury or something like that - he is so touchy on his near side.

  7. Oh that is so cool! Wish you had pictures of them playing in the water, by the light of the lightning!
    I bet most of wish our horses loved water as much as Sovey, LOL! My Boy has sensitive skin too, but he loves to be groomed.

  8. I used to have a horse that was the same way...more than the lightest touch of a brush and he was twitchy and grumpy. I guess he was just really sensitive..
    I loved your description of the evening's events! Sounds so magical and I can perfectly picture it in my mind's eye. Glad the boys had fun!


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