Monday, August 24, 2009

in the evening when the sun is sinking low

Here is a cute face! This is Pie on our ride on Friday evening. My niece, E., who is an accomplished rider, visited Honeysuckle Faire and rode the Sovey boy. We had a wonderful ride. Maizie was kind enough to photograph the outing, but I accidentally had the camera on a weird setting so we only got a few good photos. Click on any photo to enlarge. E. will just have to come back soon!

We are heading out, above, behind the tennis court.

And through the field.

Cute apple sticker on barstool!

Lovely shot of us in front of my uncle's barn.

Oh, summer is so glorious!

Me, turned around talking to E. (What else is new?)

Spoiled boys getting carrots from Mom at her house. I photoshopped out the trash cans, but Maizie thought I should change the color of Mom's pants!

E. and Sovey.
What a fun ride! Thanks E. Come back soon!!!


  1. What a fun post! So glad you got to ride with your niece this weekend. Looks like it was beautiful weather. Oh, and I LOVE the apple sticker! So cute! Did you find the apples before the thieves this time?

  2. It looks beautiful where you are - what a nice ride!

  3. What a gorgeous place to ride. Everything is so green! We're a little parched and dried up here right now.

  4. I'm glad E had a fun ride! I agree, everything is so green, even here, it's pretty dried up. The ponies look great, it's so beautiful there and how lucky you are to ride by so many family member's places!!

  5. Oh, it is sooo green!! Most of my lawn is brown and dying right now. Soon it will be back to that lovely shade of green!!
    Sounds like a wonderful ride with E!! Maizie did a great job of taking pictures!!

  6. It is nice to see a group of faraway and dreamy looking pictures in a sea of green! I love the summer so much. So funny about those teal pants! Hee hee, that Maizie has a fun sense of humor!
    As much as I love riding alone, it is always so much fun to have a riding partner. I'm sure it won't take too much persuasion to get E back to your place!

  7. PS - what bitless do you use? - I'm looking into that.

  8. Kate - I use Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. I promised a post about it and then I didn't deliver. Sorry. Here is link:

    I highly recommend this bridle! I have used it with two TB's last year and now Pie and Sovey. Years ago I was offput by the look of hackamores and bosals so I just rode my horse with her halter. Now, finally I believe this is the answer to bit problems and riders with my problem (too kind for her own good!) Seriously, I love this solution and I honestly believe I would not have the success I do with these horses without this bridle.

  9. I just had to look at all your pictures again! they are so neat.

  10. juliette - do you use the one with the padded nose and browband or have you found the regular one to be OK (significant price difference but worth it if padded is better)? I think bitless may be the way to go for many horses - if you think about it, it's too easy for a bit to become an instrument of control rather than communication.

  11. Kate - I use the regular one - without the padding. I debated for a long time because I really wanted it to be soft for them, but the padded one looked so bulky online. Now that I have the regular one, I am sure either would be fine. The browband on the regular one is gentle. The leather is really very nice. I used saddle soap and neatsfoot oil on them and they are great. I did not buy the reins, but used ours.
    Kate, I could go on and on about bits and how they are so often used incorrectly. It is sad really, because horses are so eager to do what we want if we aren't hurting them when we ask. Someday, I will get my act together and do my Bitless Bridle post. I just get so wordy when I get up on my soapbox!!!

  12. What beautiful green fields! They look manicured. Glad you had a nice ride. Looked like all (riders and horses) enjoyed it.


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