Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sad, deserted shore your fickle friends are leaving

We left the sad, deserted shores of St. Petersburg on Friday and returned to icy Pennsylvania and our woolly mammoth twins, Pie and Sovey.

This, above, was the first view I had of them this afternoon. They were each struggling forward, too lazy to break into trots, but still extending their walks and craning their necks to be the first one to see just who was the stranger standing in their pasture. It was me and after a few minutes of awkwardness, Pie snuggled me up, plastering his long nose against my belly and tilting his head so I could kiss his swirl. He is such a lover boy. Sovey was more reserved, mostly because Pie bites him if he tries to get close and, in turn, he (Sovey) will bite me if I try to snuggle him! (I love you - don't touch me!)

They were both so fat and happy. As I was snapping this photo of Pie grazing and Sovey in the background, I realized that some people would not like seeing their lovely Thoroughbreds in such a state. Pie and Sovey are unbelievably furry. Gone are their sleek, refined coats. Gone is the gorgeous sheen over thin, sinewy muscles. Instead, I found two H.R. Puff-n-Stuffs. And, I have to admit - I loved it!!! I am so glad they didn't lose any weight while I was gone and they are obviously happy.
I took Sovey out of the pasture first and carefully groomed him. Then, I allowed him to wander on the lead and graze. I knew where we would go. His favorite walk is around the tennis court and over to my mother's house. He has smartly realized that if he goes there and grazes nonchalantly that my mother will magically appear to feed him carrots. His plan went off without a hitch. The sun was shining, but it was dreadfully windy in the corridor that Sovey likes to graze. I wore my Carhartt coveralls and stood patiently (while he nibbled with his eyes closed) even though I was a frozen popsicle. I kept track on my watch, but I could only take 30 minutes of grazing and then I switched horses. I slowly groomed Pie up, grateful for the occupation in order to get warm. We then headed out to graze. Thankfully, my roly-poly Pie-Pie boy doesn't mind where he eats so I picked a lush spot out of the wind and in the sun. After his special yummy half hour we went back into the pastures and I started to pick manure. My hat was so low and my muffler (scarf thing) was so high that I was startled to suddenly be standing in the shadow of something large. Here it was Brian - stopping in to see the boys! After he visited for a few minutes I went back to my task only to be stopped by Pie. More scratching and swirl kissing required before I could finish the job. Oh, it is so good to be home!


  1. Nice to have happy furry horses! Welcome home!

  2. I remember my teacher Joan telling a story of someone who insulted her beloved Thoroughbred because of a furry winter coat. I don't think she ever spoke to the person again :)
    Your horses look beautiful! You must be so happy to be grooming and grazing them again. Although the Florida warmth sounds very good right now...

  3. I bet I will feel the same way when I come back from school. I am both very excited and very nervous at leaving my horses.

  4. I love a thick fuzzy winter coat. Sleek and shiny looks odd in the winter. Welcome home!

  5. Your boys look great! Love that Sovey hasn't forgotten where the magic carrots are, smart boy. Sweet Pie snuggles must have felt wonderful, and then some, after being away.

  6. Welcome home and back to your furried TBs!
    I love their bear fur they get in the winter!

  7. Funny about the puffiness... my trainer friend came out last week and saw my Arabian mare, for the first time in months, in her winter finery. She said, "my goodness you're furry!" That's what you get when there's no blanket... :)

  8. Juliette, Oh, I know your boys were so glad to see you!! And I can imagine how big your heart felt to see them again, and hug them! It looks like they got the best of care in your absence. I'm glad you all got home safely to your dear horses.

  9. Loved that they just had to see WHO WAS IN THE FIELD!
    So glad they kept weight...mine lost some last they upped her hay.
    maybe its our climet but, she never really gets furry. She is shiny and sleek still...everyone comments. Yours look great..and funny personalities when you're added to the mix.

    Happy homecoming...sorry t obe later than normal...been too unfocsed to get on the computer....winters are tough on this non sleeper. Am at work...processing a color now.

    Your new Blog look is very awesome Jules!

  10. hi there! your photo made me pause - aha, you have the same thing going on there! you have snow in your paddock/pasture and the neighboring areas do not!

    what the heck, why am i cursed like this?! we have 6 inches of icepacked slick snow, and next door, nothing. our field is the last in town to still have deep snow. yes, it is north facing and tree-shaded, aaaagggh.

    welcome home!


  11. WELCOME BACK! I am so glad you are home and so glad the boy have big bellies and fuzzy fur coats. that is how I like to see horses in the winter. Are you so glad to be home? remember: St Pete's will always be there. that Mother Nature is so dastardly--making all the people in Florida have Massachusetts weather! Do you know what I love? that you have a carhardt suit! that is so bomb diggity!


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