Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You're the cutest thing that I ever did see

Seven years ago today, on January 19, 2004, my journal tells me that Maizie was a sweet little 5 year old who hadn't started school yet and whose adorable little twitterings filled my days. I have an entry that says we went to the grocery store and she handed Brian a bag of potato chips and said, "Here, Daddy, are some Tomato Chips." I had no idea that another mother, Western Groom, far away in Ocala, Florida, on this day was giving birth to her adorable baby - Suave Lord! Yes, our Sovereign is 7 years old today! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!
To celebrate, I groomed him and walked him around the driveway. I hoped to ride, but our snow was covered by an ice layer. I watched him carefully. I decided that if he chose to walk through the ice, then he probably wasn't too bothered by it. I knew it was thin enough not to be slippery, but I didn't want the sharp edges to hurt his feet. He plowed right through so I tacked him up!

Here is chub-a-lub Pie in the paddock munching hay as we depart.

And this is the gorgeous view of our field through the Birthday Boy's ears!

Sovey tilts one ear to me as I sing "Happy Birthday" to him. "Ugh," he says! I love the view of our barn in this photo. The snow and ice were melting as our temperatures climbed to 34! Balmy birthday ride! It started getting foggy out there which was very exciting! I can't say why just yet, but, I do have very thrilling Sovey-birthday-Western-Groom-foggy-news! Can you guess?

Sovey's favorite treat - Blueberry Iced Tea!!!! I drink this all the time and Sovereign LOVES it!!! Because it is so cold out now, I only bring one glass full each day and he can't fit his silly muzzle inside. So, today for his birthday, I brought my summertime jug along and he gobbled the ice cubes and slurped his beloved tea. This tea is delicious and has no sugar and saved my life by weaning me off my Coca-Cola addiction. It is especially for people who think they can't live without sugar because it tastes like kool-aid! I will include the yummy recipe below, but it is too cold this time of year to truly appreciate it. I'll post about it again in June when we are all sweating like crazy.

Blueberry Iced Tea
Celestial Seasonings True Blueberry Tea (Do not use another brand!)
1 Lemon

Pour 2 Cups Boiling Water over 4 tea bags. Steep 10 minutes. Transfer to lovely pitcher. Pour 2 more cups of water over top. Store in fridge. I leave tea bags in pitcher. To serve, pour over ice and squeeze lemon wedge into tea. Don't forget the lemon even if you don't like lemon! It mixes with the blueberry and becomes something yummy!
I have a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker so I use 12 bags for 3 quarts and then I pour the tea into my big jug filled with ice. I squeeze half or even the whole lemon over top. It is so sweet and good and tastes like it should be horrible for you and it isn't! Sovey says it is delicious!
Sovereign was the best horse today! He was loving and quiet and our ride was fantastic. He stood perfectly still while I took photos and he didn't mind one bit. Oh, I love him so much! Our post ride grazing included Sovey's favorite garlic grass which I mentioned before. I found out that this "garlic grass" is known as "wild garlic" and "wild onion" . Locally, cows ingest it and this used to flavor the milk when I was little. Now, of course, who knows what they do to our milk, so you don't taste the garlic anymore. Anyway, sorry if I used the wrong term for it. A wordsmith, I am not! Sovey doesn't mind what I call it - just so he can dig under the ice and gobble it up!
Pie was lovey-dovey affectionate too today. He put his head in my hands and shut his eyes and kept making me scratch him all over his head. Sigh. It really can't get any better! Or can it...
Oops! I almost forgot...I recently won a kind blog award from a few sweet bloggers. I will post about that and share my 7 items and pass along to others very soon!


  1. Happy Birthday Sovey!

    That blueberry tea sounds yummy!!

  2. Happy birthday to the birthday kids!

    Ah I love iced tea. I will have to try that.
    Now I know what you mean by wild garlic/onion. They are like chives you can use them in salads and stuff. Of course I can't because I am allergic.

  3. Yeah, no doubt about it his so cute. He should see my jenny for sure he might love at first sight. Happy Bday Sovey

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Sovey! Looks like you two had a wonderful day together!

  5. Happy birthday to that sweet boy! Thanks for the tea recipe.

  6. Journals are great, aren't they? Thx for the juice recipe. A very Happy happy Birthday to Sovey!

  7. blueberry tea, that sounds so wonderful! Jackie is always saying she must eat blueberries to fight off alzheimer's disease! I bet she will love this tea too, just like the birthday boy! I cannot wait to hear your news. it is still FOGGY to me!! Happy birthday, Sov!!!

  8. ...really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree... :)

  9. Happy birthday Sovey! The ride sounds so great and the pictures confirm it.
    The blueberry iced tea sounds sooo good. I hope you remember to post it in June :)

  10. Juliette, What a wonderful birthday ride you had with Sovey! How special that he got his favorite tea drink also! And Pie- what affection he showed you- so special! They are such wonderful horses and you are great with them!! I love tea also, and can't wait to make your recipe - thanks for sharing it.

  11. Happy Birthday to Sovey, he is the cutest thing! I love that you two shared a birthday ride, and on his special day. Pretty view of the barn. Your horses get tea? Lucky, no wonder they are so sweet :)

  12. Thanks everyone for the sweet Sovereign birthday wishes.

    RuckusButt - don't you just love that song?

    Carol - I will remember to post about the tea in June! I practically swim in it when it is hot!

  13. Happy Birthday (belated) to Sovey Boy! Just wanted to let you know too that I read "Afraid to Ride!" Poor Judy. :) So because of you and Judy I have spent the last 3 training sessions getting on and off my mare... practicing "patience." And hand grazing... lots of hand grazing... :) Thanks for the recommendation!

  14. HA! Now I'm doing that mouthy fake whistle that is in that song -outloud!!! HAHA!

    Oh Sweet birthday rides! That was the best! Man...ever since I read that you are shy to comment for not spelling well...I am doing some real doosies...I should leave them for you to -huck it up- in laughter over!
    Here are some examples just from this comment:

    My days are fluffy and "yeasterday" was perfectly baked!
    Your ride was the "beast!"
    And..."Mand", you should read my poor spelling!
    Thoise are the ones that just looked wrong..I am sure there are many more-that are wrong!

    TEA! Wow, what a tasteful equine!


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