Monday, January 10, 2011

You know I'm hung up on you

Here are the backs of two grazing boys. I see alfalfa flakes strewn on Pie's side, but what is that dusty mark on Sovey's back? Could that be a saddle mark? Sovey, was someone riding you?

"Dis is Sovey and I'm not tellin' "
It was me! My first ride of the new year! I groomed and grazed Sovereign and debated about riding. I wanted to ride and it wasn't windy, but I didn't want to rush Sovey. We are still in our "get re-acquainted" phase. The nice thing about Sovereign is that he "tells" you if he wants to go riding by walking up to the forebay and standing where I tack him up. He did that today so I said, "Okay!" His girth was almost too tight for him, which made me laugh. My mom's billets are way too short for this girth - we will have to move up to Pie's 52" big boy girth if she wants to ride! Sovereign is the skinny type of Thoroughbred - not the hunter type. I didn't actually think I would see the day when he looked perfectly filled out.
We walked out around the barn and tennis court and then walked around the front grass circle. This area has many maple trees, ornamental and regular size and Sovey likes using these as cones to circle around. He uncharacteristically grabbed for a mouthful of grass through the snow so I made a mental note to bring him back here after our ride. I didn't ride him long - just enough to have a great time! I think he liked it too.
I dismounted and groomed him again (not well enough judging from the dust mark) and headed out to graze. I could smell garlic on his breath and sure enough, when I got back to the spot where he had grabbed a bite, I saw little tufts of green garlic grass peeking through the snow. Sovey loves garlic! He started munching happily. Then, we walked over to my mom's for carrots. She remarked later that she likes watching him walk out and around all the buildings. He is so regal like he is important. He is calm and quiet, but he walks beside me like he is another person or a dog on an important walking mission. He is very interested in buildings and seeing things. You can just see in his demeanor that he enjoys walking around and looking at things. We resumed grazing in the garlic field and our farm helper, Melanie, came out to visit. Just then her son's bus was dropping him off and we worried that the bus driver didn't see that she was home. She and I quickly walked out to the bus and Sovey walked right along with us with such dignity like he was checking out that everything was fine too. He cracks me up! I bet the kids on the bus got a good laugh. We ended up in Melanie's garage talking, which suited Sovereign fine. He likes hearing conversations and being in the center of all the action. Poor Pie was worried when we returned, but I know Sovey enjoyed his walking adventure today.


  1. Oh Sovey. Hes a funny boy. I did not know that garlic grew as a grass. Good to know.

  2. Ummmm - yummy garlic breath. Sounds like you two had a fine adventure :)

  3. Juliette, What a wonderful time you had with Sovey! How sweet that you describe his "important walking mission." Maybe he was thinking I need to reacquaint her to the farm, so I'll take her on a walking tour! What a special, and regal horse he is!

  4. Ha ha ha... Oh Julie, that was hysterical today!! Doug asked me if Sovey could come in and meet our cats, but I told him that probably wouldn't work too well because the cats would have panic attacks while running away looking like they just came out of the clothes dryer (all puffed out)! He thought that was the most hysterical thing he'd ever heard, and it only confirmed what a great idea it was for Sovey to come in and visit!! haha! Sovey definitely does have a very majestic way about him, and Pie is such a big huggable love-bug. I absolutely love them both!!

  5. Garlic! We don't have any growing around here, so I don't know if our horses would like it. Sounds like an enjoyable ride.

  6. I love the sound of horses munching, Don't you? There is something actually peaceful about it. What a funny statement: hay nibbling and peace? What would Congress think of that? the cure for war is merely to have everyone listen to horses munching hay each morning!?


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