Sunday, February 5, 2012

All the young dudes

Blurry cell phone camera makes a comeback - this is me on Pie this morning. Lately, it is chilly in the mornings (35 degrees) but then it warms up to near 50. Last Tuesday, it was 60!  I have been having great rides on all my young dudes.

With the warmup, I am able to ride bareback and Friday Sovey went in just a halter. Spoiled boys - spoiled me.  How lucky am I to get to ride bareback in a halter in February in Pennsylvania!?! 

Today was the first day I took Foggy for a long ride off the property. I did use a saddle and the bitless bridle just in case. No need to worry - he was amazing. He loved the diversion. My normal rides are often made up of many loops in our woods and fields. Our farm is surrounded by subdivisions - Brian calls it "Little Central Park" - 40 acres in the middle of developments. So after my Pie ride, I hopped on Foggy and took a small trail to one such development, Sunnyland. We walked down their quiet streets and Foggy was adorable - an absolute dream. He never flinched. If he were fatter, I would ride him off the property and just keep going...


  1. Not blurry - artistic. All in how you position it.


  2. Dreamy photo - dreamy rides!

    You asked about Val's tail in a comment recently. No secrets - he came to me well endowed with tail. I try not to mess with it too much, although if I don't keep it banged regularly, he'll step on it and yank out great hanks of hair. The first time he did it I almost cried... I am guilty of vanity over my horses hair ;)

  3. I like the blurry phto, it has a certain french impressionistic quality to it! We too are enjoying warmer temps. Makes you feel like you could get used to these temps all the time, doesn't it? maybe every once in a while, we get a little slice of perfect.

  4. Sounds like a great ride--warm, and bareback no less! But something tells me winter hasn't left yet, as that furry rodent in the western part of your state did predict another 6 weeks of winter! I'm anticipating another big dumping at some point!
    It certainly is nice to have it lighter at both ends of the day, especially evening.

  5. I'm loving this weather too. So glad you got to ride and everyone was a star!


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