Thursday, February 23, 2012

Everybody tag along

Here is a WINDY video from Wednesday of my ride on Foggy. It is short but noisy because of the wind, so turn your sound down first.

This gives you some idea of how fast this little guy walks. We had a great ride around the farm and neighborhood, but he was a little hurried for some reason. He walks slower if I let go of the reins completely which isn't always too smart!  He was full of himself at the beginning of the ride. He lowers his nose playfully and swings it back and forth and bucks a little! His bucks are not like Pie's...but still!  I can't help but laugh at him though. His playfulness is very puppy-like. I don't think it would be mistaken as mean-spirited by any rider, but I still pull his head up and keep him with me. My three boys give me wonderful rides daily. I am fortunate to have them. 

And, it was 62 degrees!  


  1. 62 degrees--yow! Sleet, snow, and rain headed our way. Bah humbug! What a nice ride you had.:)

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  2. Looks like a fun day. It looked as if your reins were pretty loose in that video.


  3. You're right, Dan! My reins were loose and he still was moving fast! I don't think I was holding them because I was involved in the video. I remember thinking that this is crazy!

  4. He's a cutie. Just feeling good about himself I would guess. The wind helps to get them a little up too.

  5. Silly bucks are the best kind. If they're going to happen, you might as well get a little giggle out of it. Every time I read Foggy's name I get a little smile on my face. It is such a darling name.

  6. Foggy walks like he is on a mission. Maybe it's a apple on a bar stool mission?!

    I remember thinking it was crazy the one time I video-ed while riding. The video can't be hands free so - the heck with the reins!

  7. I'm jealous of your weather - nice! I love being on a horse who marches along smartly like s/he's on a mission. Foggy has a great walk.

  8. Juliette - I love the video - You've got good balance to shoot and ride at the same time! I've been working on a video project myself, so I haven't checked my favorite blogs for a while - just read your post about the computer problem and I think you're absolutely right about taking the time to process. As the world moves faster and faster, we all get this weird sense of impatience that everything has to happen right away. And following your intuition seems to become more and more important, especially when horses are involved.

  9. Thanks everyone for the great comments!

    Thanks Victoria for dropping back in - I know what you mean about being involved in a project and missing the blogs - but as you say, even that can slow down and wait. I worry that all my blogging friends think I have deserted them - I haven't - I am just a writing fool now - really, an editing fool! See you all soon!

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