Friday, February 10, 2012

Moon rise, thoughtful eyes

We got a lovely snow on Wednesday and it was still clinging to the trees Thursday morning for my ride on Pie. The snow melted and is mostly gone now. I uploaded these two photos and could not figure out what the heck was in the foreground left corner. Then I realized that my mother took her gloves off to snap the photos and they are featured prominently! I spend a lot of time cracking up laughing when I see my day's photos.

Pie's ears with the barn in the distance. Foggy and Sovey are two brown blobs in front of the barn.

Our shadow in the snow. Pie shied right after I snapped this one and I flew forward onto his neck and did a face-plant in his mane. It almost was a face-plant into the snow!

Our trails were so beautiful, but the boughs were heavy and low and Pie and I couldn't fit too well underneath most of them. Tons of snow fell off and landed all over his back, my saddle and me. I had planned to ride Foggy too yesterday, but I had to go home because the snow was wet and melting and my clothes were soaked.

Here is a view of poor Pie's butt after the first bough of snow dropped on us. 

Maizie didn't have school on Wednesday because of an in-service day. It happened to snow so she and I listened to music and baked snowy moon cookies - yum!

Here are the Daddy and baby Mock Orange shrubs at our house during the snow.

And this is a view of our moonlit walk to the bus stop on Thursday morning.


  1. Great pictures. I thought the gloves were wood.


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  2. Pie's snow covered bum, just like the moon cookies :) Which what is a moon cookie? It looks like you had better not inhale as you go to take a bite ;) We have Greek cookies like that, and growing up we called them "Choke Cookies" and teased it would be a good last meal.

  3. You and Maizie made the best of a day off school. Are those snowy moon cookies like pecan sandies dusted in power sugar? They look yummy. I admire you for riding in the winter. I've yet to get brave enough to ride on snowy paths.

  4. Wonderful photos. Isn't riding in the snow a treat? Too bad it didn't stick around a bit longer--you know the saying, "Poor man's fertilizer". I think the horses love it as much as I do. They can't wait to have a good roll!

  5. HAHAHA!! I was cracking up with those gloves too!!
    Oh my, are these photos of your snowy and delightful ride ...REALLY beautiful Jules!
    I adore those rides...but please- do keep the white stuff there, K?!

    I am at my mother's hse...catching up for a second...her computer works ...op- time to go take my sissy somewhare...see ya again soon!

    Loved the sounds of those scrumptious cookies!!


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