Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In a garage by the motorway

Yesterday morning we had an impromptu winter party at our gate that leads to the Webercroft neighborhood. Here neighbor Bill is to the left and neighbor Russ is framed by Sovey's adorable ears. I love meeting up with them and talking in the spring and summer, but winter time usually means no visiting. This winter has been different because of our great temperatures. It makes you realize why people in the south are so friendly - they have more temperate time in the year for chatting. We northerners are usually squirreled away in our warm homes with great big mugs of coffee!

Bill and his wife recently moved to Webercroft and amazingly, coincidentally, we bought my first bike from Bill back in the 1970's. My mom and Bill's mom taught swimming together then, and now, all these years later, we ended up being neighbors. I loved that bike! It had the banana seat and high rise handlebars of the seventies. I stuck the ubiquitous oval STP sticker right in the middle of the seat.

Here I am on my new bike, the cute Sovey as we head out at the beginning of our ride. It was breezy, but I have on my trail running shoes so you know it can't be too cold! Sovey was a perfect boy. We did lots of trotting and I was able to get him to lower his ostrich head and stretch out for a few circles - no easy task!

Brown woods look tangled and dead, but they'll come back green and lush. I sure hope my pastures do too!

Sorry for the delay in posting about the kind Liebster award bestowed on my blog from Kristen at Sweet Horse's Breath. Kristen blogs about her first horse, sweet OTTB, Lazarus. She and Laz have come so far together and are inspirational to all horse lovers. Thanks Kristen!

Liebster means "dearest" in German and is passed on to blogs with fewer than 200 followers. 

Here are the five blogs I would like to pass the award to - I think you all already won - no worries about doing it again - just enjoy. If you haven't won before you can copy and paste my badge or get the real one online. 

I may be absent from commenting on all the blogs. Don't worry - I will still be reading your horsey adventures! I started a new horse writing project in December and it is great fun. I am going to try to keep up with my own blog in order to have a journal of what I am doing with the boys.  


  1. And he shall be Levon...

    ...love, love, love that song. I believe that Elton John named his new son Levon - at least that's one of his names. ;)

    Just came in from several impromptu chats with neighbors - caught up on gossip, I mean the news, and did some business as well. More pleasant than a phone call or email. That's why we have porches and iced tea here in the south!

    Thanks for the mention btw. Would it be okay if I used your pretty Liebster badge too?!

    Will miss your comments, but look forward to your posts even more. :)

  2. I love the titles to your posts--I think, oh yeah, I remember that song!
    What nice weather we've had for our rides, recently. I envy you in sneakers! It was warm yesterday, but back down into the teens tonight. All that melting will re-freeze.
    Thanks for the award, Juliette. Keep on writing!

  3. Nice pictures. Enjoy the weather. There's still plenty of winter to come.


  4. I hope you tell us more about your horse writing project when the time is right.

    Thank you for your mention. I am so glad you mentioned Imel's blog, also. She is an inspiration!

    You are right, I have not had time to respond to the award yet.

    Town meeting day in spring is when everyone comes out and catches up on the local news.

    We once ran into a school friend of Scott's and found out she had bought my parents' house when they sold it.

    Thank you Juliette. :-)

    [[When did Elton have a son?! Boy am I out of touch...!]]

  5. The weather looks great! So, you have a farm right in the middle of a suburb looking area? Unique! Happy riding...

  6. Ha! I KNEW you would make that into the CUTEST blog award logo!!

  7. I like the sense of community you have in your neighborhood. Great picture of Sovey looking at the neighbors chatting. This weather has been amazing, I don't remember when we've had so much ride time in the winter. Probably neither do the horses. Good luck and have fun on your writing project. We'll see you when we see you and congrats on your award.

  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments!

    Maizie and I were singing Levon on the way home from the barn on Monday night - it just worked perfectly for this post. I love the line "and Jesus, he wants to go to Venus" but I thought it would be way out there to title a post with! No idea about Elton's new son! Wow!

    I just got an email from neighbor Bill. He read the post and said that the Stingray bike was his racing bike when he was young and that it was so fitting that I put the STP sticker on it!

    Also, yes, please use my badge C,F,S and anyone else who wants it!

  9. Thanks for sharing your badge.

    Here's a link to the "news" of Elton John's son.

    Not new news, as it happened in 2010. My sister called to tell me about it. She said "Guess what they named the baby!" I jokingly responded Levon - and what do you know, they did. Well, the baby has numerous names, Levon being one of the middle choices. ;)

  10. Thanks for the recognition julliette and congrats on your Liebster award.

    I had a bike like that too. It was blue. I put a sticker on it that I got out of a gumball/prize machine. It said "America, Love it or Leave it." Ha, the 70s! What memories. That was a time when I thought I only needed two things to be happy...a 10-speed bike and a horse. But I loved my stingray until I quickly outgrew it and finally got my 10-speed and pony.

    Looks almost like Spring in your pictures. Glad you are enjoying some nice rides and neighborly chats on the sidewalk.

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