Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How many lives are living strange?

Here I am, yesterday, manually pushing Sovereign's ears forward! What a goofball I am.

Here's one with the alert ears! What do you see, Sovey?

And this is Sovey looking toward the barn with a slightly perturbed glance. I left baby Pie, otherwise known as Old Yeller, in the small paddock and he is screaming his head off. Mostly, I put the left-behind-boys in the barn and Pie keeps quiet, but sometimes I mix it up. Pie doesn't yell the whole time, just periodically when he thinks Sovey is getting a barstool apple and he is missing out. Foggy is there with Pie, but Foggy is happy and quiet. He would never make a peep. Pie is my squeakiest wheel. And, Sovereign is my old soul who has to endure all of our hijinks.


  1. Champagne Supernova :)

    I love the photos! I hope to go bitless one day, but first we gotta get our riding rhythm down :)

  2. Allison -

    Love that song! You and Shyloh are doing fantastic - there is never any hurry!

  3. Maizie was just now laughing at my photo at the top. I said that I think my blog has such weird pictures. She said, "I am sure other people have weird pictures, they just DON'T PUT THEM UP ON THE INTERNET!"


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