Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everybody wants to pass as cats

Pie ushered in March like the lion he is. Big cat Mr. Pie gave me a frisky ride today! Here he is before our bouncy adventure looking demure and sweet and quiet. Ha! Don't be fooled. He was a handful.

Lots of mud beads today. Maybe the pre-ride grooming put him in a bad humor. Pie puts his head up in the cross-ties because it hurts when I try to extract the mud. I am careful and work slowly with lotions and potions and a variety of combs and brushes and fingers. Still, he hates it. I am 5'3" and Pie, well, he is almost 17 hands and his head can really reach up high when he wants to avoid me. The photo above is taken when I am on his back and he is looking around at me. I wish I could work on his mud from up here!

This one shows how I can get all the mud from withers to the half way point. The mud and dust and mud beads at the top of his mane and foretop and ears are out of my reach. I stand on a stool sometimes, but Pie doesn't like that at all.

That photo of his mane shows the empty barstool. (Obviously out of order.) Here are two of the barstool BEFORE Pie got there!

I am not sure why Pie was feisty today. It was chilly so maybe that was it. He was even jumpy when he grazed after our ride. Sometimes Pie is so calm and sleepy and chubby and I wonder if he really has Thoroughbred blood. Then, we have a Nervous Nelly day like today and I stop wondering.


  1. Has to be the chilly weather. My horse shoer was out yesterday and my horses were definitely feeling the chill in the air when I brought them out for their appt!!
    I can't wait for some warmer weather to get my horses de-mudded, de-sticked and everything else that has accumulated in the last 6 months!!

  2. Ha, love the mud beads :) Yes, I know what you mean, some days they are ponysweet faces and other days, they are strung out OTTBs. I like you equaling him to a lion. How is the Mag helping Sovey's groom time?

  3. Juliette, Yes, horses can have different moods sometimes. I agree that it might have been the weather, energizing Pie. And of course, the non-working barstool- that really might have thrown him for a loop! What a sweet horse!

  4. I believe horses are like us in that they can react to weather changes. Dan

  5. Val and Cowboy went bananas the other day - big low pressure drop, temp drop and winds. Let's just say riding wasn't in the plans. :)


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