Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Come on, meet me in the morning

Pie says, "Anyone for tennis?"

Pie and Foggy think it is really fun to walk across the tennis court. Sovey does not think it is fun at all. Pie used to be scared just like Sovey, but he saw Foggy walk across so now he thinks he is very cute to have a go on our way out to ride. This is from our ride yesterday morning.

Friday was Pie's ride - the day with the curling lip. Saturday was Foggy's ride and he was just wonderful. Sunday was supposed to be Sovey's day to ride, but I didn't ride. Maizie was playing tennis with my mom so Sovey grazed in the sunshine by the court while I groomed him. It was warm and quiet and I think he liked that better than a ride, anyway. He and Foggy both close their eyes while they munch grass. There is nothing so peaceful as grooming a horse in the sunshine while your daughter and mom play tennis right beside. Everyone is having fun!  The other two horses were right outside the court also in a pasture so we were all there enjoying the warm temperatures. It really felt like spring. This one, above, is me on Pie yesterday morning in front of the woodland trail to Sunnyland and the cemetery.

Last March Pie and I made our way to the cemetery too. That ride started out well, but I had to dismount partway through because Pie was acting silly. Yesterday, Pie was wonderful. Here he is taking it all in. Brian's mom is buried here so we visited her grave. 

The trail to the cemetery goes through the yard of this little sweetie, Cletus. This photo of him is from another ride, one when the grass was green, but we did visit with him yesterday. He is a horse friendly puppy!

Our ride was long and on the way back to our farm, Pie left a manure pile in the middle of one street. I assured the neighbors who were out that I would come back in my car and pick it up, which I did after we returned home. Another neighbor lady ran out of her house indignant and voiced her concerns that it was good I was going to pick that up because she has children (they were with her and looked to be middle school age). I can't respond fast enough so I just smiled and reassured her that I would be back. I love the scene in Amelie when the narrator says: 

With a prompter in every cellar window whispering comebacks, shy people would have the last laugh.

I needed a prompter in a cellar window so I could have quickly responded by saying, "If your children can keep from rolling in the manure in the middle of the street for the next 20 minutes, they should be fine!"

Here we are back in our woods. Pie thought he would have a nibble of tree branches, silly boy.

March's browns make our trails look a bit scraggly.

Here is a welcome color - the red of a juicy apple. Just the thing a big horsey needs on a long ride.

And here are the sheets that usually offend, but were quiet in the calm breeze yesterday. Pie says, "I am not afraid of you today!"


  1. Sounds so perfect! Love the photos!

  2. Nice. We have friends in town this week so we won't ride until next week. Naturally the weather is beautiful this week when we can't ride.

    Nice pictures.


  3. Nice rides (and grazing family session). How funny about that Lady? Doesn't she want the road apples for her flowers that are coming soon??

  4. Looks like a lovely ride, despite the harried housewife worried about her kids and the road apples :)
    Hard to believe people are so concerned about it! It's better for the environment than the road salt.

  5. I can't beleive someone would make a comment about manure in the street. It is a good thing that she doesn't live near us. We'd invite her to dinner and then serve manure pie. then she'd be sorry for being so stupid. I loved your post. It sounds blissful with your family and horses. I can't imagine my brumby would take too kindly to that tennis court! But I bet if she saw QTee walk over it, she might!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments.

    Bay State Brumby - You crack me up!!! Manure pie!

  7. Juliette, What a nice ride on Pie! He is such a good horse! And you grooming Sovey in the sun is such a lovely picture of horsey peace and contentment. Isn't it wonderful to make your horses feel good with grooming?

  8. Wow Juliette. That's an amazing ride. Tennis court, cemetery, sheets hanging on a line, crazy neighbor ladies (I hope she was able to keep her kids away from Pie's pie for that 20 minutes.)...a little bit of everything to work on desensitizing your horses.

    But that is very thoughtful of you to go back and pick up. We have some neighbors who ride and do not do that, so I will pick up after them if I see a pile in the road. I don't want the horse owners to get a bad reputation and some home owners have complained of driving over manure and tracking it into their garages on their tires. It's kind of funny that they can't avoid it, but I guess they are staring at it so intently that they involuntarily steer their car right over it.


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