Saturday, March 24, 2012

I wonder if I'm dreaming

Our weather has been just phenomenal, and so have my pony rides. Here is the lovely Foggy boy out beside our neighbor's forsythia. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils - everyone is popping out. The temperatures have been in the 60's and 70's for a week! Today is raining and cool air is coming, but how lucky we were for so long!

Foggy sees some fruit trees with blossoms. These little beauties were light pink and smelled heavenly.

Little Foggy had just ducked out to the side before this photo was taken. There was a clump of daffodils on the trail and he could not figure them out. Sovey shied at the same clump back in May of 2009. The horses must not trust daffodils because they just pop out of nowhere and aren't always there.

This is a video of Foggy walking down a lane on the south side of our farm. You can see him flicking all the bugs off his ears. I ordered the Fly Predators already. I am not feeling good about the bugs this year after our mild winter.

And this is one near the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The trucks roar past and Little Fog doesn't care. After I shot this video he wanted to go over to the field right beside the turnpike. So over we went. That is owned by other people and they have two old horses. There is a manure pile out there and Foggy wanted to investigate. I don't think he noticed that there were cars and trucks beside us. He was so involved in smelling and investigating. He is a bird!


  1. Awww little Fog :) Laz too with the constant "I FEEL EVERY BUG" head shaking. I wonder if it hurts their brain?? LOL. I may soak a rag with bug spray and try tucking it under his poll area to see if it helps. sometimes just his own hair makes his ears tickle. I love how brave Foggy is, what a gem :)

  2. Your horses are a credit to you. They're confident because they trust you and you build that trust. We can all learn from that!
    We're having great weather here too. Yeah!

  3. What Carol said!!

    How fun to log in and find your comment this evening. :)

    Oh Juliette - I wish your dream were true! I can't think of anyone I would rather trail ride with. Val and I could use some tips about keeping cool on the trail from you and your boys for sure!

    Funny enough - we did walk part of the trail today. I'm looking for a spot to set up an apple stool... it may have to be an apple stump. ;)

  4. Thanks guys for the kind comments.

    Kristen - the bug spray rag sounds like a good idea. I can't believe we have so many bugs so soon! Foggy is a gem, and so is your boy!

    Carol - Thank you - that means a lot coming from you! You backed Rogo and ended up doing it so right - he is the best!

    Calm, Forward, Straight - Oh, wouldn't that be the best to live close to you and all our blogger friends? I used to think I would have a blogger friend jamboree at our farm and everyone could bring their horses and stay for a week and ride together.

    I love the idea of the apple stump! That is perfect and I just might steal it. My poor neighbor's barstool is starting to fall apart from the years outside. The stump idea is great. Val will LOVE his trail rides with apple stops along the way!

  5. A blogger jamboree--what fun! Ditto from Calm Straight and Forward--just working with our horses, getting them out on the trail and used to "objects" is the best way to build their confidence. Harley still has his moments, but it's amazing how far he's come in the nearly 3 years we've had him.

  6. How totally adorable! I am glad to see you and Foggy out enjoying the weather, if not the bugs. He looks very cute from up there! I love all the colorful blossoms you have in your pictures! Today we are back to cold and drizzly skies. Looks like we'll have to fire up the woodstove again!

  7. I am so jealous of your stretch of warm weather! We did have a couple ok days and now back to rain...
    Foggy is such a good boy!

  8. Juliette,
    Oh, Foggy is so brave! To go close to the highway and not be bothered- that's a brave horse!!
    I'm with you about the bugs- I, too, am thinking it might be much buggier this year than last. I have decided to give Endure fly spray a try, along with a weekend application of EquiSpot. And, of course, thank goodness for fly masks. I want to ask Buckshot if Endure fly spray works better than the other stuff I have used. How can I tell?? LOL


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