Thursday, March 8, 2012

So it's time we take a ride

Yesterday's ride was on sweet Foggy. It was 60 degrees and perfect! I was bareback and headed out through our woods. Foggy wanted to go farther. I don't like going off the property when I am bareback, but with such a willing little gelding, it is hard to say no. Off we went on the walking trail through the woods to Sunnyland. Of course we stopped at my mechanic's so Foggy could deposit a manure pile. Then he went right up to their door and interrupted their lunch break. He stands at the glass door and looks inside. I told them that I would come back later to pick up the manure. Their big bays were open and a mini van was up on the lift. Foggy wanted to go in there! He isn't afraid of anything.

We are in the Sunnyland subdivision in this one. There is a leaf blower to our left, but Foggy doesn't care. He is mad that I am heading him back home. I promised to bring him again with a saddle the next time.

Back on our land and Foggy took one bite of the barstool apple. He is just learning to eat the apple off the barstool. Usually he knocks the apple to the ground. Yesterday he bit a perfect bite that left the center star in the middle! He quickly ate the next part.

Happy March ride on the Little One.

You can just see the tip of my new boot in this photo. Carol from Dressage Training Journal recommended Bogs as the go-to company for warm weather boots. Carol kindly answered my many questions (Bogs should give her a cut - she was super helpful) and I ordered the Classic Ultra High Women's boot. 

With free shipping and returns, who could pass this up?  They arrived the other day and I adore them!  I got to wear them one night to do farm chores and they were toasty. Then our temperatures went up, but they will be queued up for next season. My old Sorels were leaking. These new boots feel incredible. It is like my favorite running shoe or bedroom slipper. I expected them to feel sloppy like my Wellies. They are snug and warm because of the interior Neoprene that surrounds your foot. The base is like you are standing on a trampoline. It was designed for cow farmers who stand on cold, wet, concrete and need warm feet. The temperature rating goes to -40 degrees! (Maizie keeps saying, "Yes, but this one goes to 11." Sorry if my references are too esoteric - we think that is hilarious!)  

When I clicked on the Bogs site the first time I saw these little deadlies. Can you imagine passing these up? I couldn't so I ordered them. They are the perfect in-between boot when my Wellies are too cumbersome. I wore them all day yesterday. They started the morning when the ground was still frozen and I did all the outside chores (hay carrying, water bucket refill, manure pick up) then I cleaned the stalls and did inside buckets. No worry about water splashing just like my Wellies, but not as tall. Then grooming Foggy, tacking and riding. Then, repeat of the morning chores only in mud. I love these boots and they come in all colors!  Thanks again, Carol, for turning me on to this company!


  1. I have Bogs, too, and I love them. I wear them throughout mud season for chores and I ride in them, too. Mine have a cute pattern of ferns on them--great product.

  2. That's great. The pictures look super and Foggy is definitely a good horse. We're dealing with some strong New Mexico winds so we're not riding, but we're enjoying watching Sugar and Morgunn running around the lot.


  3. Oh la la! I just got a pair of Bogs too!! FUNNY :)
    I adore your sweet curious Foggy. You have a knack for allowing their natural great personalities coming through.

  4. Nothing beats a super March ride on darling Foggy with the curious nature... unless it's cushy warm boots to do chores in! ;) (or maybe an apple on the barstool)

  5. What a brave good boy Foggy is. Riding bareback through a subdivion with a leaf blower going, on an OTT - you and your horses are amazing.
    So glag the boots are working out! :)


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