Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let me show you my tattoo

I am an Allman Brothers fan, but I never cared for Gregg Allman's song, I'm No Angel. That said, yesterday morning, I met two new friends at the barn and that song kept playing in my head the rest of the day - specifically, the line about the tattoo. Brian and I don't have tattoos and these people did not have tattoos (or at least they didn't show me if they did) but what they brought with them made silly Pie show us his tattoo - over and over again!  What would make Pie curl his lip and show his tattoo?

A BABY!!!!

My visitors, two organic farmers, brought their sweet baby, Harper, with them. I wish I had a camera because Pie's nose was curling up the entire time Harper was near. Pie LOVES babies. This we know because we have encountered babies before on our rides around the farm. Yesterday, Harper touched Pie's nose (we all were VERY careful to make sure Pie didn't think that baby fingers were baby carrots!) and Pie was so obviously smitten. Actually, Harper was smitten too. I didn't ask them how old she was, and I can't remember baby ages and sizes from when Maizie was little. I was telling the parents about how all racehorses have a tattoo and just then Pie proceeded to show his, for the first of many times. (By the way, this is not Pie's tattoo in the top photo - it is sweet Baja's, an OTTB I used to ride in 2007. Brian took the photos of Baja's tattoo so we could find out his racing name and info.)

Anyway, Pie had a big morning visiting baby Harper and I had the goofy tattoo line from that song running in my head the rest of the day. Sovereign and Foggy did not care one straw about babies or tattoos. They said ho-hum. 

Because of the early morning visitors, my Pie ride got pushed back into the afternoon, and as usual, the wind picked up. It was crazy windy and really not suitable for riding anyone. Pie was a true trouper, though, and stayed with me the whole time. These are the only photos I got because the wind was just too nutty. You can at least see how his mane is flying around. Luckily, he didn't fly around with his mane.

Today, was calm and sunny. Of course it was for the sweet Foggy ride. That is how it always goes. Windy for the silly boy, calm for the quiet one. 


  1. Cute post. You're fortunate the wind didn't get Pie too excited.


  2. How interesting. Must have been so cute to see!!

  3. Cute pics of Pie, especially when he looks all wild and wooly!

  4. Your Pie gets funnier and cuter each time I read something new about him--LOVES BABIES! That is the darndest and most adorable feature ever. Each little thing about him makes him that much more endearing. I mean for all of them! This weekend we had calm skies, no winds,so maybe it was you that sent the reprieve our way. Thank you! Maybe the scent of horses has already triggered horse love in baby Harper's brain. I hope so!

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