Wednesday, February 11, 2009

everything in my own sweet time

Here is a priceless picture of me "the headless horsewoman" taken by my mom in 1981. I am on my lovely large pony, "Penny Lane" (aka Star, Tar-Tar, Tar Baby, Tardy). I like to think that mom was so thrilled by Tardy's beauty that she forgot to put my head in the viewfinder!
Today it was warm and sunny so I continued my work on our trails. I opened new trails that I don't even think dear, sweet Tardy ever saw. She was the first horse I rode without a bit. This was long before the Bitless Bridle had made its way into my life and I rode her for years in just her halter. She and I had adventures riding all over our farm that way. What a good girl she was. When I showed her, she never refused a fence and even jumped the fences on her own when she was turned out! She was very social and liked horse shows way more than I did. She loved to steal Coca-Cola cans out of spectators' hands as they walked by her when we were waiting at the "In" gate for a class. I am 5'3" so I was able to ride her at the walk until she was 32 years old. We have never sold a horse in my family, so Tar was with us until the end. How lucky we were to have known her. Here (below) is a snapshot of us in another show. This photo is tattered from being in my wallet for many years, but at least I have my head!

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  1. OOu LaLa!
    That gorgeous pony and- YOU jumping- her was delightful, indeedy!
    Oh...thanks for shaing this lovley tidbit of time's pasts offering.
    LOVED it...


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