Monday, February 9, 2009

Then, as it was, then again it will be

My grandfather was born today in 1917. In the late 1950's he found a 45 acre farm (above) which at the time seemed "way out in the boonies" but now is surrounded by sprawling Suburbia. He always said it was because of mom's horses that he even considered buying a farm, and for that he was grateful because he loved his farm. Most summer evenings you could see him on the tractor, wearing his pith helmet, pulling the bush-hog to make us new bridle paths. Once, a neighbor told me that she thought my grandfather made the most beautiful network of trails. That was the architect in him. Here (below) is our farm in the 1980's, with my grandparents on the tennis court and our two horses turned out.

Today I worked on the very same trails as my grandfather did many years ago. He passed away in 1990 and our trails haven't been the same. I don't have a bush-hog - only a saw and some trimmers. Still, it was like working in his shadow, especially today on his birthday. I have to look for that pith helmet.


  1. I love this post! The photos are so cool, it's great to see the evolution of the farm. It's a beautiful place! You are so lucky to have that available to you.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I am very lucky to be able to ride here and have the boys here. I say thanks everyday! You have to come up and visit. It is a little loud (turnpike noise -my only real complaint) but very pretty!

  3. EXCELLENT!! those photo's really show the property. Your grandfather was a smart fellow...knowing the heart of his women for their horses! I imagine that...there are times you go riding, or are doing stable can feel him there smiling~

  4. what a great story, and i really hope you can work to maintain his trails, a precious detail of his legacy to you.

    i love the photos, comparing the trees and bushes and buildings, wow, i wish we had photos like this of our place....including from 1890 when it was built, wouldn't that be something. the only satellite photos are really blurry and useless - the country side of germany isn't a priority with google or microsoft!

    i have absolutely no relatives with horses and don't understand why i'm the only one born like this. i have often wished i had someone in my family who could share this with me. and since i'm having no children, it won't go anywhere. but then again, i wouldn't wish horse crazy on any child, it's akin to an illness, this lifelong obsession.


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