Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Foster Thoroughbreds' First Lesson

Yesterday was Pie and Sovereign's first full day at Honeysuckle Faire and our first opportunity to start the retraining. Both horses have very nice barn manners - no nipping, kicking, etc., and they are calm yet eager to investigate their new home. I took Pie out first and walked him around the barn interior, making sure that he walked beside me safely and allowed me to set the pace. I did put the chain over his nose as a precaution, but he did not need it. I stopped him multiple times at the cross-ties so he would be in that habit. Next, we ventured outside and opened the gate. He stood perfectly while I opened and refastened the gate chain. It was terribly windy and cold, yet Pie was calm. I walked him around the small paddock area so he could learn the boundaries. After a few laps, I took his halter off and let him play. I went inside and repeated the entire procedure with Sovereign. He, too, was well-behaved. When I walked him around the paddock, Pie was already out with us and Sovereign remained calm. I removed his halter and they had a well-deserved play. I kept them in the small paddock because of the wind, but they seemed to enjoy their time! What wonderful boys!

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