Sunday, February 1, 2009

a new sign

The snow is perfect for helping me to make new trails. Our woods are so thick in spring and summer with Honeysuckle vines and wild Roses and all our lovely brambles. Now, with the snow, I can clearly see in the woods where the new paths should be forged. I am going to work the next two weeks on opening some of these new bridle paths. Our far fences are finally in place which makes the entire 40 acres more contained. We had to let the eastern part of our trail grow shut at one time to keep the motor bikes out. (Hilariously, our farm borders the neighborhood where Bret Michaels grew up and I've heard rumors that he was one of the dirt bikers in our woods!) Now that it is fenced on the far border we can re-open that path! 

This past summer, I was riding Baja bareback over in that section and a neighbor had left apples out for him to eat. Of course, I had his bitless bridle on so apple eating was no problem! I got off to help him "organize" the apples (in other words, to keep him from gobbling them too fast!) and then I couldn't get back on! We walked through that closed section of the woods like two explorers looking for gold (only we were looking for a mounting block!) He walked beside me just as happy and calm as any dog or human companion. It was easy to forget that I had a huge, refined, Thoroughbred horse by my side. What a special friend and summer memory of the Baja-boy!


  1. I feel rude asking, but is Baja still alive?

  2. Not rude at all! Yes, as far as I know the Baja boy is still alive and well!


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