Sunday, February 22, 2009

We welcome you to Honeysuckle Faire...

Suave Lord and Sly Pioneer are happily settled in our barn! Maizie has been chirping "We welcome you to Honeysuckle Faire, we've been expecting you" to the tune of Crackerbox Palace all day. They are unbelievably calm and quiet. What nice horses! They both seem sensible and relaxed. It is hard to believe they were foaled in 2004 and 2005. Within the first few hours of their arrival, the name "Suave Lord" morphed into "Sovereign" given our proclivity toward anything British and our love of evolving pet names. "Sly Pioneer" became "Pie" in my brain (after National Velvet's "The Pie") and "pi" in Brian's brain (as in math's pi 3.1415926...). Barn names do evolve in time, and rightly so, when personalities properly emerge. Already it was fun to observe their different reactions to their new environment. Pie was pensive and watched if Sovereign would take a carrot or allow a kiss. If Sovereign said it was ok, then Pie would timidly chance it too. We carefully picked out their stalls while assuring them that the fork was safe and we were their friends. They didn't once whinny or pace or paw or get excited. How lucky we are to have them!

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