Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And you know that it's right

Here is Miss Maizie trying not to get covered in the applesauce slobbers that Pie has all over his face!

He found another apple!

Slobber lips!

Maizie, loving up Pie and attempting not to get her feet crushed in her FLIP FLOPS!!! (Insert me yelling at her about flip flops at the barn here.) She and Brian stopped over last night after I rode Sovey. They were just in time for grooming and grazing of Pie. Most evenings this summer they were at the track practicing for her Standing Broad Jump competitions. Last year, Maizie jumped 7'2" for her school record so Brian found a local meet for her to compete in this summer. At the local level she jumped 7'8" (!!!!) and won that meet. She moved on to Districts and jumped 7'1" and won that meet and qualified for the State meet last weekend. She jumped 7'2" and got third in the entire state for 11-12 year old girls! She is our little Mexican Jumping Bean.

We are still all standing under the apple tree and you can see Sovey racing around whinnying PRETENDING that he doesn't know where we are. He knows perfectly well that Pie is having a turn grazing under the apple tree. Sovey just had his turn, but when it is Pie's turn, Sovey races around and screams like we are very far away. He wants Pie to get upset and STOP EATING APPLES! Pie does not fall for Sovey's trick. Pie keeps at his important task of gobbling and slobbering apples.

Here they are after riding and grooming and grazing is finished. I had a lovely ride on Sovey. He had one upset in the woods. A scary pile of manure on the trail caused quick backing. Sovey doesn't back too well, so I was impressed with his fancy footwork! We circled, but he just would not walk past it. He snorted and backed up some more. It was dark in the woods in the evening light so I dismounted and we carefully investigated together. When he was secure that Pie's poop wasn't going to get him, we walked past. I got him to stand beside my mom's bench and re-mounted. I am already covered in poison ivy from head to toe so what is a little more? Then we resumed our ride with some energetic trotting and yummy barstool apples. When the entire barstool-apple-friends-family came out Sovey was in heaven. He adores human contact and conversation. I could not get him to leave!!! They had to walk inside their house for me to get him to move. Ugh! Embarrassing. I say, "Bye!" and we just stand still. Funny boy, Sovey.
A gorgeous pink thunderhead at 9pm.


  1. Those manure piles are killers, for sure! Maisie, who isn't really spooky at all, hates when plant stalks fall down across the trail - very scary!

  2. LOL I know what your talking about when you say the stop and back up quick at manure. Had it happen to me too!

  3. The horses and the farm are like a magic land. But seriously -- how lovely is that Maizie girl of yours!!! And not "just" her beauty. Such a lovely personality; grace, charm, quiet countenance. It will be fun to see her passions develop as she ages. (I'm lame at computers & so still ... anonymous) Love you guys!
    --- Cousin Glenda

  4. Maizie is quite the jumper! Wow! I can barely jump a foot off the ground!
    Your horses are so spoiled with apples! Wish my apple trees would start producing apples!
    I know how scary little things can be to horses, Brandy spooks at butterflies, dandelions and moths!

  5. Oh sweet Apple-PIE!

    Your Maisie girl..so tender/sweet is that smile of hers! And holy jumping bean-for sure ! Woohoo! That is fantastic...praying for her elastic legs to springboard her up and up to winning this time!(Though being there and placing is a thrill and honor too)

    HAHAHAHA! I just had to gafa-laugh-out-loud ...alone here in my computer room, with the manure-pile attack! SOVEY! SILLY!
    My mare has begun to head straight for random piles on the trail...to sort our who may have been there...or something!

    Love your sunset there...tonight, we go for a "SUNSET RIDE" with the new gal...and>> My sissy and Pantz mare, are up for a few days.
    Wa can be funny in the woods where we go so..I pray for calm and a good girl ride!
    Lovin' ya Jules!


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