Saturday, July 3, 2010

Can you dig it (yes, I can)

Here is a photo of Mom and Sovey yesterday right at the beginning of our ride. We had to ride in the afternoon, but our temperatures have cooled off to something from September! It has been fabulous for riding. Sovey and I went out alone a few nights ago and we encountered a new inflatable swimming pool at the home of our barstool-apple-friends. We trotted up for our apples and then...STOP...EARS UP...NECK UP LIKE A GIRAFFE...Sovey did not like the new pool!!! Quiet circles and singing and neck massage and, of course, two juicy apples put it all right. But, then...LOW FLYING HELICOPTER! Oh, no, I was a little panicked after reading dear blogging friend, Once Upon an Equine's helicopter ordeal. The turnpike is on the other side of the woods and I imagined that there was an accident and the helicopter was an emergency vehicle. I decided that if it got any lower and had to land in our field, I would just dismount and hang on to Sovey's reins as long as I could. Sovey was completely fine with the helicopter even though it was low and loud. Fortunately it did not land.
The next morning, Mom and I headed out on the boys and Pie was leading as we approached the new pool. I was on bareback and I thought he would react, but I gave him all the reins and just grabbed a handful of mane. He looked at it, but nothing else. What a brave, good boy!

This photo is of Mom with Sovey and Pie. They are grazing (I am holding Pie's lead) under an apple tree. Right after I took this shot, I told Mom to give me Sovey so I could hose him off (you can see his saddle mark). As I handed her Pie I said, "He is nice and quiet." HA! Famous last words! A few seconds later something must have stung the poor sweetie and he did a half-rear hop and then I saw his hind feet high over his head in the most amazing stand-still buck! Mom took him away from that spot and he was fine, but we could not stop laughing at how fast things can change in the world of horses.

Here is a poster I designed for the 4th of July. I hope you have a great holiday!

A recent rainbow over the donkey's field. Summer is just grand!


  1. The rainbow proves that once again, there is gold in donkeys...

    Swimming pools are darn scary and I've heard of many a horse who have decided they are mountain lion holding pens....

    Happy 4th!

  2. Whew! I'm glad Sovey handled the inflatable pool and the helicopter so well. What a good boy! I like your poster. Perfect for this holiday. Happy 4th!

  3. The Case of the Unforeseen Swimming Pool! Hah! I am sure that must have looked like an alien space ship! I wonder what Lilly would have done? I do know that if a low flying helicopter had gone over her, she would have LOST IT! So many congratulations on having such a fine horse!
    Luckily, Lilly has never been stung by bee or wasp while I have been on her, but sometimes when we are coming back from a trail ride when we are almost home one of us will say , That was a great trail ride! And Bill always says that "It ain't over til it's over!" So we have to remember not to say that until we are back in the driveway and off the horses! Because anything can happen at any time!!! Like a bee sting!
    I love your poster!

  4. Well now...pools are now crossed off the list of outing challenges...and Helicopters! My My!
    You have been having fun! And that last stunt Pie offered..whoa...maybe a bee thing! Glad you were off!

    We have missed those 2 things (stationary water vessels and flying saucers)on our trips this year so far.

    I wanted to go out today and spread a tarp on the service road...and then ride Wa and "happen upon it" ..see if I could get her to step onto it and over it. Then I also wanted to tie a long rope on a log, wrap it on around I could ride up to it and drag it. But-but over 100 degrees got to me, as I walked to and fro...sweatin' like a pig on the spit!

    Working on the Post to Why I try to freak the mare out with such thoughts!

  5. Gold in, Kate, love that! :)
    Juliette, your ponies look so healthy and at perfect weight..their coats look yummy.
    Isn't it funny how quick they react. No not react..OVERreact sometimes. ;)


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