Monday, July 12, 2010

Tell me something good

Yesterday was cool and beautiful. Perfect for a much needed ride. Sovey is tired of waiting! He and Pie enjoy the diversion of their daily rides and the recent heat messed up their schedule.

I rode bareback which was, in my mother's opinion, crazy. I am not sure why. Pie is a delightful boy who always behaves himself. We hadn't been out in a while, but he didn't forget his manners. Here he is, scarfing down some treats that I put in a feed bin. I do this so I can launch myself up on him bareback. We still don't have a mounting block tall enough for the big boy.

Above is Mom and Sovey, pre-ride. This is my mother's "C.H.I.P's" outfit. Do you remember that TV show? Sometimes with her white helmet and half-chaps she looks like a cop. Earlier in the spring, she had an even more C.H.I.P.'s-like get-up. We could not stop laughing. Look, Sovey matches her in his blue, quilted saddle pad.

Oh, she will be mad that I put this mounting-action shot up. There are never any pictures of me riding because she can't work the camera and she hates the ones I put up of her. I don't take a lot of photos because it is difficult to mess around with the camera and stay on, so I just put up any that I get!

Sovey and Mom in front of the chicken coop. (We don't have chickens in there, just tools.)

My shadow on the lovely, sweet Pie-Pie boy.

Two happy riders who both look mad. They really are happy though! I just caught them off-guard.

Our shadow again.

Sovey heading out to his 1976 Wimbledon Final Match. Ha!
We ended up riding all over the farm and both horses were wonderful. The apple trees are dropping early treats so our after-ride grazing has taken on new excitement for the horses. Much slobbering and applesauce making is going on. Sovey eats merrily with his eyes closed. I love that about him. Last evening I went over to mow the pastures and Pie was extra lovey-dovey for some reason. He wanted me to scratch his ears and face and neck and if I stopped he would follow me around until I would start again.
I have exciting news about finding Sovereign's (Suave Lord) full brother! I will post about it soon.


  1. Love the shadow shots - and can't wait to learn more about Sovey's brother!

  2. HAH! Chips!! I remember Ponch and John all right!! hee hee, Im betting they couldn't ride horses though! that is so funny, your moms Chips outfit. Do you remember what Chips stood for? Maybe you and your mom could invent your own words that fit the acronym! I loved all of your pictures, even the one that was supposed to look cranky. I look cranky in SO MANY pictures when I am on Lilly, but I figure it's because Im concentrating up there! getting on a horse bareback IS very hard to do! I always need help and the last time I got help from Bill I was wearing that bikini! I felt very silly indeed putting my foot in his hand. Good gravy, I hope he didn't get an eyeful!!!!!!!!!
    your last sentence was so suspenseful!!! Does this mean you will have a THIRD horse!!?????!!!!!!

  3. You are married to that most wonderful carpenter. Ask him to build you a mounting block? A simple one - not one with drawers and engravings. Love, Glenda

  4. LOL I dont know what chips is but I will agree with you. What the heck. I would be filthy in a second.

    A brother!? This sounds exciting!

  5. Splish Splash RidingJuly 13, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    Doesn't CHIPS stand for something related to California Highway Patrol? I just can't figure out the other letters.

    Can't wait to hear more!

  6. Hey everyone! C.H.I.P's was the acronym for "California Highway Patrol" - Ponch and John - just like Baystatebrumby and Splish Splash Riding said! I didn't watch it but I remember their outfits and my mom could fit right in. Sovey would totally love being a police horse, I think!

  7. Ohhh Sovey's brother ..can't wait to hear what news you have.
    The horses look happy, as does your Mom, as does your shadow. :)
    I've been enjoying bareback and love how you can FEEL your horse...soooooo nice.
    I love summer riding!!

  8. I don't watch tennis much, but I'd tune in if Sovey was playing at Wimbledon. Ha, yes I remember CHIPS.

  9. Ahhh, finally a break in the hot weather, eh? The shadow photos are so very neat. Great shots~


  10. COOOL angles today!!!
    I am here for a blim to check in with you!
    OH! Sovey's Brother...I am so excited!

    Love to you and yours...been huggin' the wa mare for you..she has been extra special girl taking on all my whims!

  11. wait..I just re-read can launch yourself up bareback style with NO mounting block? LOL!! I need a 3 stepper for Laz and still have to bounce up!


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