Thursday, July 22, 2010

a horse of a different color

Pie and Sovereign aren't the only fast Thoroughbreds in our family! Last evening Brian won the 44-49 age group in the Harrisburg Mile!

He ran a 4:57 earlier this summer in the mile so he knew he might have a chance to win. (A sub-5:00 mile is amazing for any age, but Brian is 47!)

Brian collapses after every race and he is fine and we know this. Last night I was taking this photo and an EMT lady came over and looked at me like I was a heartless wife for not helping him! I had to assure her that he was fine...he just likes to get himself together this way!

Maizie is hearing all the exciting details of the race. My mom and Brian's dad were able to come to watch the race too, so it was a great time!

Here Brian is with Nick Berra. Nick is one of the fastest 800m runners over 40 in the world! Brian follows Nick's world races on the internet and Nick is from our area and a high school and graduate school friend of mine. I haven't seen him since 1994 and I was hoping Brian might get to meet him someday. Nick has a huge championship race today in Sacramento, but he ran the Harrisburg Mile last night and crushed the Master's Elite record with a 4:25!!! We all had a perfect evening!


  1. WHOA..I'm jealous of your husband's toned legs and arms. I'm just NOT a runner. Unless I'm being chased, lol! Fun that you support his passion too! :)

  2. I think my mile is like 9! i like to think things through...while I am Amazing guys!!

  3. Wow. Please tell Brian great job! I passed this race on my way home from work Wednesday.

  4. Wooohooo!! That is very exciting..look at him GO!!! Brian, wow, worked hard for this huh...or maybe just a natural talent..thinking of your beautiful gals a waiting at the finish!
    Really, this is great!

  5. Nice job Brian!! I have to give kudos to anyone who can run! I can't because of my knees, I would never make it.


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