Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take my line, go fishin' for a Tuesday

Crunchy. That is all I can think about when I walk across the grass in the pastures. Our temperatures, like other parts of the country, are miserable. Unbelievably hot with the heat index above 100 degrees. The grass is crunchy, the sun is right out of a Camus novel. Actually, at noon today, I thought I was Meursault. I put the horses in the barn for the first time since March 16th. I prepared the barn last evening. Fresh shavings in the stalls, scrubbed buckets, yummy hay. I am keeping them in from noon to 6pm today, and probably the rest of the week too. Sovey is smiling. Pie is one pissed-off pony. He is mad. He grunts and squeals and practically speaks English to tell me that he wants back out. He is an outside boy and Sovey would like to move into our house. Wasn't I just exalting the joys of summer in my last post? Fickle me.
So what else is there to do, but play around with Photoshop? I took last summer's photo, below, and made it look like it was from 1974. Sigh. I admit it. I love the 70's.


  1. omgosh i love that photo! it is glorious!

    i think it's funny that he doesn't want to be in in the hottest part of the day. most horses are clamoring for their stalls in this heat. what a character.


  2. I agree, hot, hot heat. It's rare for it to be 90+ degrees here more than a couple days in a row. I think I might melt every time I leave the house.

  3. You do such neat things with photgraphs! I enjoy all of them so much! And I also love the 70s so I appreciate anything from 1974. So flip city. Hah! xo

  4. HIIII!!! Been missing everyone sooo much...been on the fly since our summer hit us June 22 or abouts...this is the first tie I have sat upon something other than a truck or horse or camp chair!

    LOVE that 70's looking photo... weren't they the best to grow up in!
    We are for-casted for some 90's this week too...and then they say back to the upper 70's and some 80's...okay...we just got spring and summer altogether!

    I am glad that your boys are so well taken care of..yea...Wa is rather discontent about not being out in the field too...but she takes jaunts out to her paddock and then canters back to the shade of the stall...frequently! She is on stall/paddock rest for she injured herself on our camp trip last weekend...boo.
    I need to catch up with every one..but tonight...the couch is calling me(I actually can hear it beckoning!)
    Getting old when vacations take it out of you!
    LOVE YA's...hay there- hi there -ho there- to the fam!

    Kac with Wa mare~

  5. That picture turned out wonderful!! I love it!
    That is some serious heat wave you are in, we are going to hit the upper 90's this week, but I am not going to complain, we haven't had good weather since last summer! So I will be looking forward to it!

  6. Pretty photo; you did a nice job with it. Hope you get a cool breeze soon. Maybe even a warm breeze would help. We were toasty warm for a few day, but chilly now. That's Colorado; the temps can change drastically at any time of year.

  7. Oh that photo change-o-prest-o was fun! I like 70's photos too in their amber charm.
    It's HOT..blah. Lots of hosing off for us lately but also lends to a calm quiet pony which I love. It's hard to totally commit to the full pasture..seems like Sovey is like Laz and likes a feather pillow to sleep on from time to time. ;)


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