Friday, March 13, 2009

as each moment has unfurled

The unique (and delightful) personality of each horse is beginning to emerge. Pie is younger than Sovereign only by a year, but he is more playful and silly. He always is the one who initiates play. In addition, Pie is obsessed with smells. He loves the smell of my toothpaste in the morning and he likes to smell my jacket, hair, hands, curry, anything he can get his nose on. The funniest thing I have ever seen is how much he likes to smell his own feet when I pick them. If I start picking out a front foot, slowly I will see an upside-down lip and muzzle squeeze in between my arm and the hoof. It is Pie trying to smell his own hoof! Then I do the back feet, and he can't reach, but when I get around to the other front foot, here comes the muzzle again! He is a bird!
Sovereign is more serious than Pie. When he is in the pasture he stares out into the distance. I joke that he is writing a novel. He is calm and meditative. Even though he is only 5 years old, he seems like an old soul. Nothing gets Sovereign too worked up - even the silly Pie-Pie can't get Sovey to react. When I groom him he puts his head down low and loves me to brush behind his ears. He usually carries his head so high - I like that during grooming he is trusting and puts his head down for long periods of time.
Above is a photo of our dog, Eby, on one of the bridle paths. It won't be long now until I am riding the boys out there. My fair-weather photographers (Brian, Maizie, mom) have gone missing until warmer weather arrives so pictures of me working with the horses are scarce! Below is a lovely bridle path in summer.

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