Sunday, March 29, 2009

would we care to all get in line

The misty morning gave way to a very pretty afternoon light that reminded me of England. Our large open field outside of the pastures looked so inviting and I couldn't decide who to ride first. I groomed and tacked up Sovey while Pie munched hay in the paddock. Then Sovey and I started out on our adventure! I mounted outside of the ring and walked slowly around the outside of the fenced area. Pie followed right along with us like the Thoroughbred-penny-puppy that he is. We had to make our way along unfamiliar ground to get to the open field and Pie would occasionally canter to catch us, but Sovey was calm and wonderful. Baja was always good too when horses cantered up on him from behind and we all thought that was because he had played polo. Maybe racehorses are just so used to turmoil behind them that they don't get too upset. Once in the field Sovey pulled and moved faster as he went away from the barn. He certainly isn't barn sour. He is so excited to investigate the whole farm. Again, I am trying not to hurry things too much, but with such good horses it is tough! I am a firm believer in carefully exposing a horse to new experiences in small increments. Sovey is so ready though! He wants to see the world! I rode around the field a while and then headed back. Just as we returned to the forebay a simultaneous flash of lightning and crack of thunder boomed overhead. Sovey and Pie both acted as if they didn't hear it!!! I hustled them inside the barn and promised to give Sovey his after-ride grazing tomorrow. Poor Pie didn't get to go riding today.

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