Thursday, March 19, 2009

they all come out to groove about

Sovereign and Pie are the very best of boys! This morning while it rained, Mom groomed Sovey and I groomed Pie. They love the attention. You can't groom a horse too much - it is so great for their coats and for your relationship with them.
In the afternoon, the sun came out and I rode The Pie. Our farm is directly across from an auto-auction that operates on Thursdays. There are loud speakers and engines roaring, yet Pie was a perfect little angel. It is difficult to believe he is only 3 years old. He feels tightly wound, and of course, he could pull a few stunts if he really wanted, but he kept to our task. At one point, he decided that he was done. He stopped and shook his head up and down. He wanted to quit and he wanted me to get off. I, ever so gently, pushed with my seat and urged him to walk forward. He responded and slowly lost interest in the idea of stopping. He made a choice to be good and I rewarded him with many pats and "good boy" exclamations. We only walked, but he is listening well so far. He stopped for my dismount and stood perfectly. Oh, he is a joy!
Sovereign was equally fantastic. This was my first day riding Sovey. He carries his head high like he is walking out to the starting gate at the track. With the car auction PA system blaring, and Sovey walking out like that, it can be a little daunting. Still, I trust him and the Bitless Bridle. He walked around the ring and bent perfectly around my leg like we do this all the time. For the first time out, Sovey was amazing. They are the two most wonderful sweeties ever. Mom and I treated them to a well-deserved grazing outside of the pastures.

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