Sunday, March 22, 2009

put down that horse and behave

Pie and Sovereign have been here a month! It is difficult to believe that it has only been a month because we are so attached to them and they have adjusted to their new home so quickly. In addition, their retraining lessons are going unbelievably well. I am purposely trying to slow down the lessons to make sure they are really understanding everything, but it is hard because they are such quick learners! Really, I guess they are just so willing. The kind temperament in both horses seems amazing to me. In one month, they are calm and happy. They lead around the barn and pastures at my pace and without the chain. They hand-graze safely. Both stand for grooming in the cross-ties or in the pasture. They stand to be tacked up. When I ride, (without a bit) each horse calmly walks under saddle in the ring. They both respond to my legs and seat to bend in large circles at the walk and smaller figure eights. Both halt and stand for the dismount. Thoroughbreds are smart, I know, but these two are kind, smart, and well-adjusted.

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