Monday, March 9, 2009

childhood living is easy to do

It won't be long now! The birds are singing and the grass is getting green - Spring is almost here! We worked Friday, Saturday and yesterday in the Bitless Bridle. After grooming, I put the bridle on as if I was going to ride, and walked Pie around the ring and around the outside of the pastures. He responded well. Sovey is learning that when Pie disappears, he comes back. Then, I groomed Sovereign and walked him. He, too, did super in the bridle. Pie is a little worried when he is left behind in the paddock, but he is doing better. The repetition will help to reassure him. I am anxious to start riding, but I know not to rush them. At least the ground is softer now, if I get tossed off!
A little bird told me that today is Noodlebug's first birthday. For a story about her, click here.

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