Tuesday, March 31, 2009

how can you have any pudding...

The learning curve on feeding our two big boys has turned out to be a tricky business. Although they look like twins in the pasture, they obviously are two entirely different horses with unique metabolisms and eating habits. Sovereign is thinner and less interested in grazing or eating in general. (Too busy philosophizing about the distant view and the novel he is working on). Pie is a little piggy and is filling out nicely. His personality has taken on new twists and turns (literally) because he is feeling his new-found energy. I rode the Pie today and he was a very good boy. Fortunately, under saddle he is sensible and continues to choose to listen to my gentle guidance. Still, I feel him wrestling with his urge to be a naughty boy! As he nears his ideal weight we will have to balance our portions of grain very carefully. He reminds me of a child who has eaten too many cupcakes! He is what we like to call "feeling ginchy".

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