Friday, March 6, 2009

trade a smile

Wednesday the boys stood perfectly for the farrier. Certainly, ex-racers have been trimmed and shod before at the track, but bad habits and old fears still could have been lurking. Happily, none emerged. Pie and Sovey were calm in the cross-ties for their trimming. I kept them barefoot.
Yesterday, they had a new scary experience to learn about - tree trimmers. We had a tree trimming service come to the farm and top all the trees around the barn. Bright orange and loud, two trucks with grinders and cherry-pickers descended on the property when the boys were out in a nearby pasture. The noise was deafening and the machinery was high in the air. I stood with them at first and reassured them that it was ok. Obviously, left to their own devices, the horses would have sorted it all out and calmed down eventually, but they would have run around like nuts and cut up the pastures. Instead, by taking the time initially to reassure them, I saved our pastures and helped to ensure my safety when I am riding cross-country and we meet the inevitable tree trimmers! The horses grazed happily for hours and the treemen commented about how calm they were with all the commotion. What joy they have brought us!

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