Thursday, April 2, 2009

At Silly Mid-On

I do believe that someone got their horses mixed-up and instead of Sovereign being a retired racehorse that secretly he is a retired police horse! He is that good! Today he was very loving in the pasture and obviously looking forward to his ride. He seems to understand that I take turns riding he and Pie in the afternoons. After grooming and tacking we started off again through our large open field. We went about mid-way, but Sovey pulled very hard to go out farther. I feel so bad holding him back, but Pie is just not confident yet about being left behind. It never seems far enough for Sovey. Amid the traffic noise and auto-auction activity, a police siren loudly went off right in front of our farm, but Sovey didn't flinch. We looped back and picked up a small section of the one bridle path and Sovey loved it, but Pie was terribly upset when we went out of view. Pie didn't whinny, but I could see through the trees that he was racing around. Sovey wasn't worried about Pie in the least. I had a difficult time getting him back to the barn. He wasn't finished riding apparently! Oh happy day!

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