Monday, April 6, 2009

it's all too beautiful

Spring was in full bloom yesterday and we all had such fun! I got to ride the Pie in the afternoon and he went so well. Maizie snapped a few photos of me and the big boy!
Brian came over to put our new gate latches on the gates. We are so tired of messing around with the chains to open the gates. Really, though, both horses are very good for gate entry, even in the most blustery cold conditions. Still, it is nice to just open and close the gate easily. Here is Pie inspecting what Brian is doing.
Here is the finished gate latch on the paddock. We can open the gates from horseback.
Below is poor Pie's bump on his nose. We don't know how he got that. This is a good shot of the bitless bridle. Again, my head is cut off.
Why does everyone cut my head off in horse photos?

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  1. Tack! (I think that is how you say "thanks" in Swedish!)


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