Friday, April 17, 2009

spinning that curious sense of your own

The boys are filling out, shedding out, and becoming brilliant riding horses. We had the equine dentist out on Wednesday to make sure their teeth were ok. I was most worried about Sovereign because he puts his grain in his water to "wet" it. The dentist said that his teeth are fine and that making it wet is just a habit. Yesterday, the sun came out again and the 60 degree temperatures allowed me to ride both boys. I rode Pie in the morning and he was super. I rode outside the ring around the pastures and through the field. He was such a good boy. I rode Sovey in the evening. He was very good, but not as animated as he ususally is. I think he was a sleepy boy. Maizie rode Sovey too with me leading. This is her second time up on him and she loves it. He walks out so proud when I am leading her on him. I think he senses the joy he is giving her.

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